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    Default Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Review

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    Publisher: Ubisoft
    Developer: Ubisoft
    Platform: PC,Xbox360,Ps3,psp,Ds,Wii
    Genre: Fantasy Action Adventure

    Prince of persia is one of the best games ubisoft have ever made. First part of this game was made in 2003.Since then the sequel was released almost every year. pop:The Sands of Time was released in 03, pop:Warrior Within in 04, pop:The Two Thrones in 05, pop 2008 and pop: the forgotten sands in 2010. out of which i found the latest one more interesting because of the combos and acrobatics of the prince. The game is too easy and top of that one cannot change it to its comfort level.Boss fights are too easy, you do not need strategy to win it.The story is short, not draged too much, which i really liked. pop: The forgotten sands is an attractive game, you can end it 4-5 times easily without getting bored, i personally finished the game and played the 'challenge mode' countless times.

    The story is about rivalry of 2 brothers. Prince [the protagonist] and his brother malik. After hearing news of leadership of his brother, prince decided to meet his brother and went to the kingdom which was under attack. Prince met his brother, malik told him that he is losing the battle. Solomon's army was released by malik using magical seal. The army was made up of sand and it consists of different creatures. Prince and his brother got halves of the seal which protected them from being turned into sand statues. The seal was used to unleash the enemy and it allows them to absorb the power of enemies which are defeated by them.

    Malik and prince were separated, prince finds a link to domain of razia who was a Djinn. Razia told prince that the army
    called solomon's army is not solomon's army, this army was sent to kill king solomon and told him that the only way to stop the army is by reuniting the halves of the seal. Razia gave her special powers too. When prince met malik he refused to give the half of seal for stopping the army, he wanted to defeat the solomon's army in order to gain more power to become more powerful leader. Prince met razia again and she told him that its the effect of absorbing too much power.

    Prince met malik again and tried to get the half of the seal forcibly but he failed as malik was much stronger than him,
    hence malik escaped. While following to catch malik, prince finds ratash, the leader of solomon's army, persuing anyone who comes in his way. Prince escaped and made a conclusion that now ratash must be chasing malik, so he decided to help him. He arrived to throne room where malik and ratash were fighting. He helped malik, it seems that ratash was killed, malik absorbed his powers and escaped using them.

    Prince tried to catch him but found razia instead of malik. Razia told him that ratash cannot be killed with normal swords,he needs Djinn sword in order to kill ratash. She said that ratash killed malik and got into his body which is unbelievable for prince. Prince pursues ratash to gain the power back in order to mutate his brother's body to normal form. Prince lost the battle which was against ratash and met razia once again.. Prince questioned her that why he care about maliks kingdom and asked her that why she didn't killed ratash herself. She told him that she is one of the leaders of Djinn and didn't leave as she promised king solomon to take care of his kingdom. After finding the sword, prince took it to razia and she got into that sword. She speaked from sword that to kill a Djinn, power of Djinn is required. Prince goes to find ratash which he does and after killing him, he found his brother malik laying next to him. He asked prince to tell his father that prince is the leader and then dies. AND the prince leaves to tell his father about malik's death.

    The gameplay is great on both xbox360 and ps3. The prince has acrobatic skills, magical powers and other abilities
    too. As the game progresses, prince starts to gain special powers. At the start, the game is easy but when prince starts to have magical powers it becomes difficult. He has ability to freeze the water and got power of rewinding the time to solve the puzzles.Climbing up by 2 perpendicular water columns by using the ability of freezing make the gameplay more thrilling. The prince turn waterfall into poles and shiny walls. The prince has power of flight which allows the prince to jump on enemy standing on great distance and the memory power which allow prince to reveal the parts of the castle which have been destroyed.The combat is not very good but prince has few super powers and special sword which help him to crack down the sand army. Every fight gives prince power to increase his health and the special abilities. The camera works perfectly giving you chance to view the game from the best angles.

    Graphics are same on both of the consoles which are awesome, much improved this time. The background, characters
    and the areas are set up so perfectly. The game's visual is impressive, The prince's muscles,the enemies,waterfalls, army of sand and castle itself is flawlessly designed. The game is fantastic with variety of colours and lighting. Beside graphics the game's voice acting is great.


    Story 8
    Gameplay 9.5
    Graphics 8
    Overall 8/10

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