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    Default PES 13 vs Fifa 13

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    October is an important month in the gaming calendar. Normally, generating key football game releases from EA Sports and Konami. Each year, a different pedigree of features, realism and online bonuses become thrusted into gameplay trailers and demos. In an attempt to prise consumers' wallets open, each company promises so much. Discussion is already rife on the forums and review boards.

    Whilst Fifa has enjoyed runaway success since the Fifa 10 series, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 promises a greater level of realism, whilst allowing the gross levels of editing. Here are the features explained, as well as trailers for the visual pornography of football gaming.

    Fifa 13:

    Player likeness is high on the agenda for developers EA Sports, with new software integrated to give virtual players a larger dose of realism. Graphics have become considerably enhanced with greater levels of definition.

    Dribbling and free-kick features are two of the main areas to have undergone surgical improvement. Dribbling involves greater levels of skill, player involvement and greater levels of AI - with both attacking and freekicks becoming more tactical.

    EA Sports dedicates much software power to ball control. Effort to make it more realistic. Strength, speed and height are all characteristics that affect ball control. Making it more realistic when player with Lionel Messi versus Peter Crouch.

    PES 13:

    Player animation has been a main source of improvement for PES, with virtual players getting a much-needed makeover. The potential is there to compete more strongly - with player movement, player ID and proactive AI. The team recognises the strengths - focusing on particular players - playing like they do in real life.

    A “new level of playability” will be provided through PES’s new FullControl system – designed to improve how players receive, pass and control the ball

    PES will in essence become 30-40% slower (no speed merchants) with more dedication to impact engine, defensive responsiveness and manual shooting/passing. Goalkeepers have newer animations, better reactions and more lifelike saves.

    Pro Evolution still controls the Champions League, Europa League and other competition structures.

    Who Gets My Money?

    Its too early to say. I'm normally doubling up after growing weary or one or the other. Trailer season will normally decide it. However, PES 12 had an excellent demo but the real game lacked any heart from the previous outfits.

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    Both R Equal
    In PES There is Much Tricks Than Fifa
    But In Fifa There R Best Grahpics Than PES

    Its My Opinion

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    nice thread !!

    I prefer Fifa 13

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    Fifa 13



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