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    Default News Regarding "Streak Mode" for WWE 2K14 Revealed

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    K Sports has released some information regarding Streak Mode. In the Streak Mode, you’ll have the option to either defend Undertaker’s legendary streak, or try your hand at defeating it.

    Here are the highlights for defending the streak:
    * Choose whether to use Undertaker or Undertaker (Retro)
    * Defend The Phenom’s legacy in a non-stop, slobberknocker-style contest
    * Raise your score by defeating as many Superstars and Legends in a row as you can
    * Upload you results and scores online to prove how dominant you are

    Here are the highlights for defeating the streak:
    * Choose any Superstar or Legend on the WWE 2K14 roster
    * Select Undertaker or Undertaker (Retro)
    * Face off against The Deadman upon the Grandest Stage of Them All
    * Try to defeat Undertaker and his arsenal of special abilities seen only inside this mode
    * Show off to the rest of the WWE Universe by uploading your results and high scores online

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    I think it's pretty cool. When you're trying to defend the streak, it's like a gauntlet match. I like what 2K did here. Hopefully they can have more of these with other superstars. Maybe like Goldberg's unbeatable streak.

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    Default "Streak Mode" for WWE 2K14 Revealed

    2K’s Creative Director, Cory Ledesma, revealed exclusive details about “The Streak” mode, stating that the developers “wanted to do something special to pay homage to The Undertaker and pay tribute” to his astounding 21-0 record on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

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