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    Default Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review

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    Hey all i was new a few days and have Some Trouble well today im here with the Review of Call of duty back ops 2

    It was Confirmed A Week Ago after all Call of duty black ops 2 was Reveal to the World

    a List of Confirmed has been in COD BO 2 Game

    8 player in zombies match!
    New gun
    New maps
    New Story
    New Character
    and Also Wood was Confirmed and was an old men

    Also Alex Mason has a son that will be in COD BO 2
    Name : David Mason

    Old Wood

    The Community Name : Treyarch
    Has change the COD BO 2 TO A NEW YEAR IN 2025
    BUT Fans in youtube did't like Robort in COD BO 2 but some of them it getting it only for zombies and co-op

    so Here almost everything about the video i hope you guy like it

    Next week i will review assassin's creed 3 and Also Stay Turn for Fridays about E3 2012! *NEW PS4* *NEW XBOX 720*

    Call of duty black ops 2 Trailer

    Call of Duty black ops 2 Multiplayer Interview



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