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    Default Battlefield 3 PC/Xbox 360/PS3 Reviews

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    Long thread but please read all of it and rate my reviewing
    First Off : PC

    Graphics : The graphics are just amazing in this game on PC,especially when you reach 60 FPS.. man that is amazing.. one of the best graphics in gaming history thanks to the Frostbite 2 Engine.
    Overall rating for Graphics : 10/10

    Campaign : The Campaign in this game was not really thought out.. they just copied the missions out of Modern Warfare 3.. (excluding the jet mission+tank missions) but still.. the graphics still manage to make this good enough to play.
    Overall rating for Campaign : 7/10

    Multiplayer : Multiplayer in this game is a masterpiece.. truly the Frostbite 2 engine + the actual life experience of war with other players makes the multiplayer of this game one of the best experiences of gaming.
    Overall rating for Multiplayer : 10/10

    Bonus Content : Well the bonus content are amazing .. only issue : the overuse of vehicles .. this is a war not a club .. I am guessing DICE are focusing on vehicles more than the quality of the maps which i guess is the most important thing.. but .. it still manages to pass this well
    Overall rating for Bonus Content : 9.5/10

    Overall Rating of Battlefield 3 for PC : 37/40 : Truly great game for the PC .. couldn't have given it a better rating unless the campaign wasn't a copy of MW3.. but still. you will really enjoy playing this game on The PC ( Expensive but worth it )

    Second : Xbox 360

    Graphics : Well the graphics are pretty much good but not as good as the PC as the FPS Of consoles can only reach 30 while PC can reach an epic 60 FPS.. might not be as good as the PC.. but atleast they are decent for console ( xbox 360 ) players
    Overall rating for Graphics : 8/10

    Campaign : Pretty much the same as PC but with a bit worse Graphics
    Overall rating for Campaign : 6.5/10

    Multiplayer : The Multiplayer is good at this game but again.. thanks to the 30 FPS Maximum.. it doesn't reach it's full potential .. but even though the control is easier ( thanks to the controller ) The PC still has a better experience...
    Overall rating for Multiplayer : 9/10

    Bonus Content : Same but again .... not so good because of the overuse of vehicles + the not so good graphics thanks to 30 FPS Max.
    Overall Rating for Bonus Content : 8.5/10

    Overall Rating for Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360 : 32/40 .. It is a good game.. the only downfall for it is the 30 FPS maximum which pretty much ruins the whole experience

    Finally : PS3

    Graphics : Again,same as Xbox but in my point of view... a bit better
    Overall rating for Graphics : 8.5/10

    Campaign : Same as PC and Xbox 360.. but somehow.. feels better than Xbox 360
    Overall rating for Campaign : 8/10

    Multiplayer : Epic experience ... maybe not the same as good as PC but it feels great to touch the controller and play Battlefield 3 on the PS3 Especially with all the vehicles ( Tanks + Jets + Helicopters + Humvees , Etc. )
    Overall rating of Multiplayer : 8.5/10

    Bonus Content : Pretty cool but the fact that PS3 Users sometimes get it a bit late ( i think ) makes it a bit bad
    Overall rating for Bonus Content : 8/10

    Overall rating for PS3 : 33/40 : Really Great ,better than Xbox 360 .. but they could of improved it .

    Overall Decision
    The winner of this flawlessly is the PC .. the FPS is bigger,graphics are better and the experience just feels so real with Frostbite 2.. if you want a good experience with Battlefield 3.. either buy a PC ( Bit expensive but worth it ) or a PS3 (Still expensive but only if Good pc's aren't available ) or an Xbox 360 if you are really stupid to pay for Online ( Free for PC and PS3 ) .

    If you reached this point : I Would like to thank you a lot for reading this post .. i hope you can please review my review ( lol ) ?/10 please in the comment section.. again.. Thanks a lot

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