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    Default Hrithik Roshan on Men's Health

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    Drool alert ladies! The cover of this month's Men's Health magazine is particularly steamy as Bollywood's resident 'Greek God', Hrithik Roshan, features on the cover in a bare-all fashion! He looks particularly chiseled in this amazing side shot that lets us feast on all those sculpted muscles. Inside, we are treated to even more drool worthy images of this hunk's amazing physique.

    But that's not all!

    This edition also features some great ways to get in shape for men, some of which are especially provided by the hunk himself. Additional articles also include tips on how to get the sexy V shaped torso, build bigger arms and overall muscle mass!

    Ladies, even though the magazine is for men's health, you definitely want to get a copy of this one! And guys, you should be getting it anyway if you want to look as good as the man on the cover!



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