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    Post Exclusive First Look Foto Salman's Tuk Tuk adventures in Ready (2011) *New*

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    One can always trust the unpredictable Salman Khan to come up with some crazy ideas for his movies!

    News is that, for his next film, Bhushan Kumar's Ready produced by T-Series and Rajat Rawail, Khan recently shot for some high-voltage action sequences driving a tuk-tuk in the narrow streets of Pattaya, Thailand. Salman, who is known for adding that extra 'zing' to his films, came up with the idea of shooting an action sequence in Thailand's famous Tuk Tuks, as this was never done before in a Hindi film. Subsequently, an action scene was written and shot, showing two tuk-tuks blowing up and the actor jumping into another one and driving off!

    Obviously, the producers had to buy off 3 Tuk Tuks especially for this scene since the vehicles would face considerable damage in the course of the shoot. But, Bhushan Kumar & Rajat Rawail happily did so as they wish to leave no stone unturned in creating bigger and better action scenes for Ready after the success of Wanted and Dabangg.

    Bhushan Kumar confirms, "It was (Salman) bhai's idea to shoot with tuk-tuks which are very fast and powerful. He wanted to shoot an action sequence nobody has done before. People have shot romantic songs or scenes perhaps but such a high-voltage action sequence will be seen for the first time in Ready. People will enjoy this unique Thai action."

    An insider adds, "Salman drove the tuk-tuk expertly, although it was his first time doing so!" Ready is slated for release on 3rd June.



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