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    Default Dhammu is releasing worldwide today (27th) first place in world to screen this film is Kuwait updat

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    కువైట్ లో విడుదలైన దమ్ము....సినిమా అప్డేట్స్

    • Titles started
    • Flash back scenes in black & white about two families with revenge backdrop between Suman and Nazar
    • Along with titles Flash back was completed and present is after 25 years
    • NTR’s entrance with mighty fight and fans going wild in theatre
    • First fight super and rocking
    • Superb comedy by NTR he does extremely well.. superb
    • Trisha enters and some whistles
    • NTR tries to flirt Trisha
    • First song ‘oo lilli’ Simple but Super dances by NTR and Trisha
    • NTR's dialogues on politics getting huge response from audience
    • Small fight with police
    • NTR’s dialogue: ‘*****ataniki gaali vadila vunta kaani manchodini...’
    • NTR’s looks and mannerisms are outstanding
    • Brahmanandham entered and a hilarious comedy scene
    • When NTR was asked what his surname is he replies as ‘N’ and when asked what is ‘N’ NTR says that ‘N’ means ‘NIL’ entire audience in theatre responds well to such comical scenes
    • Comedy scenes between NTR Brahmi and Ali came out excellently and very well received
    • NTR’s on-screen brother-in-law Venu Tottempudi entered
    • NTR goes back to village
    • The story moves on with sentimental scenes between mother and sister
    • Ruler song visuals are ultimate and best visuals in recent times
    • One more high voltage dialogue: ‘aaa vamsam lo vallaki raktam lo potekkuva prati chukka potettutundi”
    • Kartika comes on screen and she is looking sensuous than ever
    • Scenes between Kartika NTR and Ali came out very hilarious
    • Dhammu dhammu song dance is ultimate with mass movements. NTR looking superb
    • Fans going wild and theatre being blasted with their noise due to some outstanding scenes which should be seen only on screen
    • Interval fight with sentiment and power packed; came out terrifically. NTR horse riding scene came out extra-ordinary
    • One more powerful dialogue: “intha varaku ee cheyyi Avasaram kosam vaadanu.... Ashayam kosam vadithe ela vuntundooo telusaaa...” It seems that NTR is back with a bang
    • Interval bang is superb and laid much need platform for Dhammu to be a NTR’s biggest blockbuster.


    • Raju vachinado.. song is good and with huge cast and the song is situational
    • Some sequence of comedy and action going in parallel and NTR stands out among all
    • Story progressing well
    • Some important and situational scenes among NTR collector & villain
    • Some powerful dialogues from NTR: ‘naa kantitho choosina chaavu…’ ‘pandi baliste…’
    • Some more stunning scenes and dialogues like ‘sound tagginchoo..’
    • Vastubagunde song with terrific dances from NTR
    • As villains attack NTR tries to avoid clashes
    • Venu in trouble
    • Most emotional mud fight started and progressing with high volateg action and fans enjoyment at peaks
    • NTR says emotionally: ‘ekkada ekkada ekkadaaa reyyy.....” and turn wild hitting all the baddies
    • Now comes the popular emotional dialogue: “bratakandi bratakandi ante vinaledu kadara…”
    • Probaly last powerful dialogue with title justification: “Dhammu pattukunna kathi lo vundadu ra raktham lo vundali .....” followed by superb powerful emotional climax taking stands out along with NTR’s performance
    • Fights are simply superb and NTR keeps on emotionally saying: “maarandi ra…”
    • Film Finished and one word to describe of the film is BLOCKBUSTER

    Plus points:
    • NTR’s high voltage action and dialogues
    • Boyapati Srinu’s direction and screenplay
    • Keeravani’s background music
    • Interval bang and climax scene
    • Trisha and Karthika’s glamour
    • Unexpected story

    Minus points:
    • Excess violence which might not appeal to some class family audience but they have some emotional family drama too

    This is DHAMMU for you folks! Watch and enjoy this Mass Action Emotional Family Entertainer.

    యెన్ టి ర్ దమ్ము చూపించిన చిత్రమవుతుంది...........మాస్ ఫ్యామిలీ యాక్షన్ ఎమోషన్ ఎంటర్టైనేర్ గా నిలిచిపోనున్నది. అభిమానులు ఇంకా కాలరేగారేయవచ్చు!!
    --Shan the Leader
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