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    Default Check out: Sizzling Deepika Padukone in Dum Maaro Dum (2011) *New*

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    'Dum Maaro Dum', which promises to be the best item song Bollywood has ever seen till date, which is the remixed version of the iconic original song, has been making waves ever since its announcement, and already people are touting Dum Maaro Dum to be the item song of the year.

    Deepika, who will be seen gyrating to the sexy number, worked very hard for the look of the song. She worked out rigorously, and trained hard for the dance. The number which is one of the most awaited songs of the season, has Deepika in her most sexy avatar till date.

    She was going to wear the shortest skirt, ever to be worn by a Bollywood actress, however, when she started doing her dance movements, she realised that her movements became awkward due the short skirt, and since 'Dum Maaro Dum' song has some great dance movements they could be changed.

    That's when Deepika called director Rohan Sippy and requested him to change her outfit a bit, as otherwise she was not being able to do justice to sensuous dance movements. Rohan immediately complied, and asked designer Anahita Adajania Shroff to change the outfit a bit. The outfit was finally changed to hot shorts, and tassels over it to give the look of a skirt. But however, don't think that the new outfit is any less sexy!

    Not just that Deepika had some very tough scenes to do in the song, like there was one scene which required her to have around 50-60 big, red ants crawling on her back. The scene was a very crucial one, however, Rohan was not keen on having Deepika do the scene, as it would be very risky.

    But Deepika being the thorough professional that she is, refused to use a body double, even though Rohan Sippy insisted on using one for the scene, as she felt that would not look authentic, and chose to do the scene herself.

    Deepika had to have the crawlies on her back for almost half a day, as the scene had to be shot from various angles. Many times Deepika would be bitten by the ants, but not once did she complain. In fact, when the shot was over, Deepika's back was completely red due to the ant bites.

    Also, this is the first time that the item girl of a film, has made to the poster of a film, that too solo.



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