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    Default Our horror stories are realistic: Mautik Tolia

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    Producer Mautik Tolia, talks about his upcoming episodic stories for Zee TV's new season of Fear Files...

    While Zee TV is all set to bring forth its all new series of Fear Files very soon, the producers are all set to enthrall the viewers by presenting different concept of horror genre in the upcoming series.

    Producer Mautik Tolia, who has earlier penned down some of the horror stories in the season one of Fear Files, is all set to present a new series of horror episodic stories in the upcoming season of Fear Files on Zee TV.

    In conversation with us, Producer of Bodhi Tree Productions Mautik Tolia, tells us about his concepts of the upcoming episodes of Fear Files.

    Mautik says, "The idea behind getting into horror genre is that we have big fans of horror genre and we feel that this genre hasn't been explored much in India. We have focused on looking for stories that can take place anywhere and not just only at a place that is said to be haunted. I believe that some energy exists in this world which we feel that too. Sometimes, we feel uncomfortable while we meet some people or feel the negative vibes coming from a person. We need to strengthen our will power so that the weak things won't affect you."

    Talking about the concepts of his episodic series of Fear Files, Mautik added, "Our horror is realistic which can happen with anyone and anywhere. It's the most difficult thing to do to take horror out of the simplest of things. We try to make horror stories that can connect to the audience."

    We also asked Mautik whether he has experienced any spooky things to which he replied saying, "Yes, because I have dealt with so many of such cases while doing research."



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