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    Z - Ro - Meth - 2011-CR
    Release: Z-Ro-Meth-2011-CR

    Album: Meth

    Artist: [z]Z

    Year: [2011]2011

    Genre: [rap]Rap

    Group: [cr]CR

    Tracks: 14

    Playtime: 55:01 Mins

    Avg. Bitrate: 253 kb/sec

    Size: 103 MB

    Title: Artist: Playtime: Bitrate

    Real Or Fake: Z-Ro: 3:59: 257kb/sec

    Ro And Bun (Feat. Bun B): Z-Ro: 4:11: 244kb/sec

    Never Had Love: Z-Ro: 4:04: 252kb/sec

    H-Town Kinda (Feat. Slim Thug): Z-Ro: 4:18: 263kb/sec

    A Southern Girl (Feat. Yo Gott: Z-Ro: 3:37: 244kb/sec

    Pig Feet (Feat. Dallas Blocker: Z-Ro: 4:07: 249kb/sec

    3 Way Relationship: Z-Ro: 4:23: 261kb/sec

    Happy Alone: Z-Ro: 5:06: 244kb/sec

    Murderer (Feat. Just Brittany): Z-Ro: 3:11: 273kb/sec

    Razor Blade: Z-Ro: 4:03: 260kb/sec

    No Reason: Z-Ro: 3:48: 259kb/sec

    When We Ride: Z-Ro: 3:52: 244kb/sec

    On Mo Time (Feat. Willie D): Z-Ro: 4:22: 250kb/sec

    That Mo: Z-Ro: 4:00: 237kb/sec


    Parts are completely interchangeable. If there are more than two mirrors with parted links and you don't want to wait, you can download each part from different mirror. (Ex: if part1 is being downloaded from fileserve, part2 can be downloaded from bitshare. Parts are completely equal.)
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