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    VA - Freude Am Tanzen 5zig (2011)

    Record Label: Freude Am Tanzen
    Genere: House
    Quality: 320kbps
    Size: 176MB

    As every mama well knows, a good soup is a staple of a beneficial diet. A dish (or rather bowl) with more recipes than stars in the heavens, from tomato or potato to asparagus with quail eggs and caviar, a good soup always warms the heart. This concept has permeated Freude am Tanzen for many years, as it hangs high on a banner in the bureau in charming Jena. Since the founding in 1998 we go by the principle that every Freude am Tanzen artist has the freedom to make a soup to his taste. Individuality is our trump card! To know each others preferences is a superior advantage, when one finds himself in the wide spectrum of electronic dance music and being able to indulge in his own personal alchemy. That's how those stomach-rumbling shots of the chili-sweet-potato, or even dub-exotica and penetrating ambient bouillons are arising- oh, lĂ* lĂ*! Essentially rule numero uno is always Freude am Tanzen (= enjoy dancing)! Later, portions for testing are provided in our club steam boiler of trust, that reacts immediately and very distinct.


    01. Kadebostan - Mother Cries (5:28)
    02. Monkey Maffia - Cruciate Ligament Dub (6:30)
    03. Taron-Trekka - Noo Sun (6:52)
    04. Douglas Greed Feat. Delhia De France - Back Room Deal (6:15)
    05. Marek Hemmann Feat. Fabian Reichelt - Pictures (4:56)
    06. Mathias Kaden - Red Walls (6:54)
    07. Krause Duo - Drunkie Skunkie (5:45)
    08. Daniel Stefanik - Tension In Leipzig (6:14)
    09. Kadebostan - Mon Petit Soleil D'Algerie (8:00)
    10. Robag Wruhme - Haftbolle (5:34)
    11. Juno6 - Guununk (8:01)
    12. No Accident In Paradise - Exit9 (5:52)





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