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    Thumbs up Neil Young - American Tour Compilation (4CD Rustbucket Edition) (2007)

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    Neil Young - American Tour Compilation (4CD Rustbucket Edition) (2007)
    Genre: Rock | 4CDs | Release: 2007 | MP3 320 kbps | 484 MB
    Here is the 2007 American Tour Compilation (edited and compiled by Rustbucket). It fits on 4 CDs (2 from the acoustic sets and 2 from the electric sets) and includes the best available version of every song played on this leg of the tour (October to December 2007). This is a great alternative to getting many different shows from different dates on the tour as this contains the best-sounding recdings from all the shows. Accding to the compiler's notes "Most of the acoustic songs I've selected are from Boston Dec 3 and Upper Darby Dec 9. I've included both the piano and synth versions of A Man Needs A Maid. Also included are two versions of Mellow My Mind including the first night from Boise with the mouth harp intro. I've put all the piano songs together onto Disc 2 so I've subtitled Disc 2 'Piano Songs' albeit a rather sht disc so I've also included from the BSB October 28th 'The Way' and though not a piano song the acoustic band version of 'No Hidden Path'. Most of the electric songs are from Upper Darby Dec 10. To my ears this show was the most clear and dynamic f the loud electric songs. The only fades here are the long loud audience applause at the end of each track. I've then used WavTrim to get songs on each set to play at the same volumes. Then Goldwave to cross-fade the end of one track into the start of the next f each disc. No gaps. -Dave. A Rustbucket production!"
    Disc 1 (63:57)
    101 From Hank to Hendrix 2007-12-09 Upper Darby PA
    102 Ambulance Blues 2007-10-20 Spokane WA
    103 Sad Movies 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    104 Kansas 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    105 Harvest 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    106 Mellow My Mind (harp intro) 2007-10-18 Boise ID
    107 Mellow My Mind 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    108 Campaigner 2007-12-09 Upper Darby PA
    109 Love Art Blues 2007-12-16 New Yk NY
    110 Old King 2007-12-16 New Yk NY
    111 Love is a Rose 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    112 Old Man 2007-12-12 New Yk NY
    113 Cowgirl In the Sand 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    114 Heart of Gold 2007-10-20 Spokane WA
    115 Out on the Weekend 2007-12-19 New Yk NY
    116 Don't Let it Bring You Down 2007-12-16 New Yk NY
    Disc 2 - Piano Songs (50:36)
    201 A Man Needs A Maid (piano) 2007-12-09 Upper Darby PA
    202 A Man Needs a Maid (synth) 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    203 No one Seems to Know 2007-12-09 Upper Darby PA
    204 Mexico 2007-12-09 Upper Darby PA
    205 Try 2007-12-16 New Yk NY
    206 On the Way Home 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    207 Love In Mind 2007-11-02 Los Angeles CA
    208 Journey Through the Past 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    209 After the Gold Rush 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    210 The Way 2007-10-28 Mountain View CA
    211 No Hidden Path (acoustic) 2007-10-28 Mountain View CA
    Disc 3 The Electric Set (54:46)
    301 The Loner 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    302 Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    303 Dirty Old Man 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    304 Spirit Road 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    305 Bad Fog of Loneliness 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    306 Winterlong 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    307 Oh Lonesome Me 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    308 The Believer 2007-12-03 Boston MA
    309 No Hidden Path 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    Disc 4 The Ences (45:06)
    401 Cinnamon Girl 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    402 Don't Cry No Tears 2007-12-12 New Yk NY
    403 Mr Soul 2007-12-16 New Yk NY
    404 Tonights the Night 2007-10-20 Spokane WA
    405 Ctez 2007-12-19 New Yk NY
    406 Hurricane 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA
    407 The Sultan 2007-12-10 Upper Darby PA

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