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    Gurrumul - Rrakala - PROMO - 2011-OMA
    Release: Gurrumul–Rrakala-PROMO-2011-OMA

    Album: Rrakala

    Artist: [gurrumul]Gurrumul

    Year: [2011]2011

    Genre: [acoustic]Acoustic

    Group: [oma]OMA

    Tracks: 12

    Playtime: 61:94 Mins

    Avg. Bitrate: 211 kb/sec

    Size: 98 MB

    Title: Artist: Playtime: Bitrate

    Gopuru: Gurrumul: 3:49: 214kb/sec

    Mala Rrakala: Gurrumul: 4:33: 216kb/sec

    Bayini: Gurrumul: 4:40: 202kb/sec

    Baru: Gurrumul: 5:05: 212kb/sec

    Ya Yawirriny: Gurrumul: 4:43: 225kb/sec

    Djilawurr: Gurrumul: 4:05: 203kb/sec

    Warwu: Gurrumul: 8:28: 213kb/sec

    Djotarra: Gurrumul: 6:44: 215kb/sec

    Bakitju: Gurrumul: 5:53: 210kb/sec

    Djomula: Gurrumul: 5:46: 202kb/sec

    Wulminda: Gurrumul: 5:38: 204kb/sec

    Banbirrngu: Gurrumul: 5 219kb/sec


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