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    Label: Varese Sarabande
    Genre: OST
    Quality: CBR MP3 @ 192kbps avg
    Size: 98MB

    The Game of Thrones soundtrack doesn't quite hit the heights that Shore's Lord of the Rings soundtrack does, and at times it feels like it's trying. But, at its best moments (and there are quite a few in the soundtracks twenty-nine tracks), composer Ramin Djawadi crafts music that doesn't place you in this different world, but sends you soaring over it. The show's main title, the first track on the album, appears on the show set to the animation of Westeros and the lands across the Narrow Sea rising from the ground, twisting and turning as they assemble themselves. That's absolutely the best imagery possible; Djawadi's music soars.


    1 Main Title
    2 North of the Wall
    3 Goodbye Brother
    4 The Kingsroad
    5 The King's Arrival
    6 Love in the Eyes
    7 A Raven From King's Landing
    8 The Wall
    9 Things I Do For Love
    10 A Golden Crown
    11 Winter Is Coming
    12 A Bird Without Feathers
    13 Await The King's Justice
    14 You'll Be Queen One Day
    15 The Assassin's Dagger
    16 To Vaes Dothrak
    17 Jon's Honor
    18 Black Of Hair
    19 You Win Or You Die
    20 Small Pack Of Wolves
    21 Game Of Thrones
    22 Kill Them All
    23 The Pointy End
    24 Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors
    25 When The Sun Rises In The West
    26 King Of The North
    27 The Night's Watch
    28 Fire And Blood
    29 Finale




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