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    Edgar Broughton Band - The Harvest Years 1969-1973 (4CD Box Set) (2011) FLAC
    Year: 2011 | Fmat: FLAC / Level 8 (img + * cue + log AccurateRip) | Covers: PNG fmat 600dpi full scans
    EMI / Harvest Recds ? 4CD in one Jewel Case | Catalog Box: 50999 949488 2 0 | 1.97 GB
    Genre: Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Progressive Blues Rock / Classic Rock
    Edgar Broughton Band The Harvest Years 196 -1973 (2011 UK 4CD album set - Aswell as comprising digitally remastered versions of their first five albums ('Wasa Wasa' 'Sing Brother Sing' 'Edgar Broughton Band' 'Inside Out' and 'Oa') this collection also features the previously unreleased concert 'Live At Hyde Park London 18th July 1970'. It was the band's third appearance at the park on a bill featuring fellow Harvest luminaries Roy Harper Kevin Ayers and headlined by Pink Floyd. Their 45 minute set is faithfully reproduced in all its raw and raucous gly!).
    Most retrospectives of the late 1960s and early 1970s musical counterculture tend to focus on the gentler side the pastal underground that kept the spirit of folk Eden alive. What still remains unfashionably overlooked is the scungier reaction to the hippy idyll: those artists whose refusal to smoke the peace pipe was expressed in a rawer me desperate fm of heavy blues-aftermath rock. Cast as willing outsiders from the start the likes of Groundhogs Pink Fairies and Global Village Trucking Company were slated to play outside the fence slamming and jamming protests and gurning crudities from the back of a flatbed truck. Mudflecked descendants of Winstanley?s Diggers arriving in clapped-out vans to announce the wilting of flower power. Music from a paradise garden turned to mud. The most enduring of these were The Edgar Broughton Band a righteous Beefheart-loving brigade fmed by Broughton brothers Robert (aka ?Edgar?) and Steve with bassist Arthur Grant in mid-?60s Warwick. With in- again-out-again guitarist Vict Unitt the outfit delivered a pounding to the Tolkien-tranquilised hdes of UFO and Middle Earth taking up a strategic position in the Notting Hill scene in ?68 from where they were signed to Blackhill Enterprises and became an early addition to EMI?s ?alternative? label Harvest. This generation of the underground - which effectively lasted until the economic crises of the Heath administration only to dissipate into the nationwide commune scene and the rugged deal of outdo free festivals - fell into a curious blind spot in UK politics with general rage against the Man and the Machine but few specific issues to grapple with. How much me angry energy would?ve been generated had Britain stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the US in Vietnam* As this four-CD set - comprising five LPs plus an unreleased Hyde Park concert from 1970 - reveals EBB had rage (and humour) in spades. ?Death Of An Electric Citizen? from debut Wasa Wasa is a Beefheartian romp as is single ?Apache Drop Out? a curious mix of Safe As Milk boogie and pastiche Shadows. And in channelling their hate into ?Out Demons Out!? the ritual chant of the festival community taped at a ?live studio? concert at Abbey Road in December 1969 they found their vocation. Riffing off The Fugs? Pentagon-cleansing anthem ?Demons? is goof-off protest folk with a throbbing bluesy vein. Shtly after came the single ?Up Yours!? a V-sign to the political process that today?s student dissenters would be wise to adopt. Sing Brother Sing (1970) full of ?songs about child molesters nymphos and the imminent apocalypse? accding to one review and The Edgar Broughton Band (1971) were the group?s zenith. Concerts reveal EBB in their element but surprise subtleties such as the string arrangements and stereo guitar effects on ?F Dr Spock? and David Bedfds?s chestrations on ?Evening Over Rooftops? show the group - now back with Unitt - to be me inventive in the studio than their scuzzy image might suggest. ?... Rooftops? aspires to epic status a skyline meditation uncannily pre-echoing Neil Young?s ?Like A Hurricane? while ?The Birth? is lanky and goosey-loose gritted with hoarse harmonica. F Inside Out (1972) they decamped to a Devonshire mansion. Its remoteness from city life is audible in me laidback country-ish textures though ?Homes Fit F Heroes? and ?Double Agent? still dealt with contempary issues. Oa (1973) keeps on trucking through triumphalist rock (?Things On My Mind?) and austerity folk-rock (?Eviction?); the end of the Harvest sty but not the band who continue the mission to this day. In this new age of cuts riots and harsh winters their music might just start making sense.
    Track List:
    1969 Wasa Wasa
    Wasa Wasa is the debut album by progressive rock band Edgar Broughton Band. The album was iginally released as "Harvest SHVL 757" in July 1969 and was produced by Peter Jenner. The 2004 CD reissue contained 5 previousy unreleased bonus tracks 4 of them being demos recded by the band when they were a blues outfit called "The Edgar Broughton Blues Band". These tracks feature guitarist Vict Unitt who left the band when they started to go into progressive rock stating the members of the band to be "sell-outs". The last bonus track being a jamming session which was recded on 21 January 1969 which was discovered when remastering the album.
    * Edgar Broughton - Vocals guitar
    * Arthur Grant - Bass guitar vocals
    * Steve Broughton - Drums
    * Vict Unitt - Guitar (bonus tracks 1-4)
    1969 Wasa Wasa
    01 Death Of An Electric Citizen
    02 American Boy Soldier
    03 Why Can't Somebody Love Me?
    04 Neptune
    05 Evil
    06 Crying
    07 Love In The Rain
    08 Dawn Crept Away
    09 Out Demons Out (Single A Side)
    10 Up Yours! (Single A Side)
    11 Freedom (Single B Side)
    1970 Sing Brother Sing
    side one
    12 There's No Vibrations But Wait!
    13 The Moth A. The Moth B. People C. Peter
    14 Momma's Reward (Keep Them Freak's A Rollin')
    15 Refugee
    16 Officer Dan
    1970 Sing Brother Sing
    Sing Brother Sing is the second album by progressive rock band Edgar Broughton Band. It was iginally released as "Harvest SHVL 772" in June 1970. The 2004 CD reissue contains 8 bonus tracks.
    * Edgar Broughton - Vocals guitar
    * Arthur Grant - Bass guitar vocals
    * Steve Broughton - Drums
    1971 Edgar Broughton Band
    Edgar Broughton Band was the self-titled third album of the band Edgar Broughton Band. The album is known amongst fans as "The Meat Album" as the album cover features lots of meat on hangers in a warehouse; a human can also be seen hanging amongst the meat. The 2004 CD reissue features 3 bonus tracks.
    * Edgar Broughton - Vocals guitar
    * Arthur Grant - Bass guitar vocals
    * Steve Broughton - Drums vocals
    * Vict Unitt - Guitar harmonica piano gan vocals
    1970 Sing Brother Sing
    side two
    01 Old Gopher
    02 Aphrodite
    03 Granma
    04 Psychopath: A. The Psychopath B. Is F Butterflies
    05 It's Falling Away
    06 Apache Drop Out
    1971 Edgar Broughton Band
    07 Evening Over Rooftops
    08 The Birth
    09 Piece Of My Own
    10 Poppy
    11 Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
    12 House Of Turnabout
    13 Madhatter
    14 Getting Hard / What Is A Woman F?
    15 Thinking Of You
    16 F Dr Spock (Parts 1 & 2)
    17 Hotel Room
    18 Call Me A Liar
    1972 In Side Out
    Inside Out was the fourth album by progressive rock group Edgar Broughton Band. The album was iginally released as "Harvest SHTC 252" in July 1972. The 2004 CD reissue features 3 bonus tracks.
    * Edgar Broughton - Vocals guitar
    * Arthur Grant - Bass guitar vocals
    * Steve Broughton - Drums vocals
    * Vict Unitt - Guitars vocals
    1973 Oa
    Oa is the fifth album by progressive rock group The Edgar Broughton Band. It was iginally released as "Harvest SHVL 810" in May 1973 it was also the last album to be released on Harvest Recds. The 2004 CD reissue features 1 bonus track.
    * Edgar Broughton - Lead vocals guitar bass guitar on "Hi-Jack Boogie"
    * Arthur Grant - Bass guitar guitar on "Hurricane Man" and "Hi-Jack Boogie"
    * Steve Broughton - Vocals drums percussion guitars tubular bells tambourine
    * Vict Unitt - Backing vocals guitars Spanish guitar on "Exhibits From A New Museum" piano lead vocals on "Oh You Crazy Boy!"
    Guest personnel
    * Madeline Bell - backing vocals "Rock 'n' Roller" "Things On My Mind"' & "Face From A Window"
    * Dis Troy - backing vocals '"Rock 'n' Roller" "Things On My Mind" & "Face From A Window"
    * Lisa Strike - backing vocals "Rock 'n' Roller" "Things On My Mind" & "Face From A Window"
    * Maggie Thomas - backing vocals on "Oh You Crazy Boy!"
    * David Bedfd - piano on "Green Lights"
    1972 In Side Out
    01 Get Out Of Bed / Theres Nobody There / Side By Side
    02 Sister Angela
    03 I Got Mad
    04 They Took It Away
    05 Homes Fit F Heroes
    06 Gone Blue
    07 Chilly Mning Mama
    08 The Rake
    09 Totin' This Guitar
    10 Double Agent
    11 It's Not You
    12 Rock 'N Roll
    13 Someone (Single B Side)
    14 Mr Crosby (Single B Side)
    1973 Oa
    side one
    15 Hurricane Man / Rock N' Roller
    16 Roccococooler
    17 Eviction
    18 Oh You Crazy Boy!
    19 Things On My Mind
    biography /
    Fmed in Warwick England the Edgar Broughton Band arrived on the London underground music scene in 1968. Led by the Broughton brothers vocalist / guitarist Edgar and drummer Steve and fleshed out by bassist Arthur Grant and guitarist Vict Unitt (who also briefly served with the Pretty Things) they soon signed with the Harvest label and issued their debut Wasa Wasa a collection of underground electric blues jams anched by Edgar's Captain Beefheart-like vocals in late 1969. The Edgar Broughton Band returned in 1970 with Sing Brother Sing which reached the U.K. Top 20 and spawned a pair of min hit singles "Out Demons Out" and "Apache Drop-Out" (a fusion of Beefheart's "Dropout Boogie" and the Shadows' "Apache"). The group seemed poised f a maj commercial breakthrough but even as their brand of heavy rock was flourishing thanks to groups like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple the Broughton Band made an about-face and their music became considerably me quiet and politically charged. Their chart momentum stalled and a 1971 self-titled efft failed to catch on. After both 1972's Inside Out and 1973's Oa met a similar fate the group left Harvest f NEMS. Legal wrangles locked them out of the studio f a number of months but they finally resurfaced in 1975 - minus Unitt who'd been replaced by guitarist John Thomas - with Bandages. A brief breakup followed but in 1978 they returned with Live Hits Harder. By the release of 1979's Parlez Vous English? the group had expanded to a six-piece using the name the Broughtons. Returning to the Edgar Broughton Band moniker the band became a three-piece f 1982's Super Chip: The Final Silicon Solution a concept album filled with synthesizers and new wave tempos. Touring continued throughout '80s '90s and 2000s. In 2004 the band's six albums f the Harvest label were reissued each featuring numerous bonus tracks.
    1973 Oa
    side two
    01 Exhibits From A New Museum / Green Lights
    02 Face From A Window / Pretty / Hi-Jack Boogie / Slow Down
    03 Capers
    Live At Hyde Park London 18th July 1970
    (previously unrleased)
    04 Love In The Rain
    05 Silver Needle
    06 Drop Out Boogie
    07 Refugee
    08 American Boy Soldier
    09 Out Demons Out
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