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    Default DJ Lazy K - Back In The Kitchen (Free Album)-2011 320 kbps

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    DJ Lazy K - Back In The Kitchen (Free Album)-2011 320 kbps


    01) DJ Lazy K - Lazy K Productions Anthem feat. Murdah Baby & KNM Prod By Cheeze (Lazy K Productions).mp3 3.1 MB
    02) DJ Lazy K - Hole In A Nigga ft. Uncle Murda, French Montana & Max B (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Trakdealaz).mp3 3.9 MB
    03) DJ Lazy K - Don't Be Mad At Me ft. Waka Flocka, Murdah Baby & Frenchie (Prod. By Lazy K Productions).mp3 4 MB
    04) DJ Lazy K - Jordan In The 90's ft. Murdah Baby, Superstar K & Billy Bam (Prod. By Cryptonite).mp3 3.9 MB
    05) DJ Lazy K - Murdah Muzik ft. Frenchie (Prod. By Murdah Baby).mp3 2.8 MB
    06) DJ Lazy K - King Of The Trap ft. Big Stacksss & Waka Flocka (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Young Mills).mp3 2.7 MB
    07) DJ Lazy K - Get It In ft. Murdah Baby & DreamTeam (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Mobucks).mp3 3.3 MB
    08) DJ Lazy K - Thats All She Want ft. Dante Hawkins & A-Mafia (Prod. By Lazy K Productions).mp3 3.2 MB
    09) DJ Lazy K - Can I ft. MeanStreet & Big Spec (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Mobucks).mp3 2.7 MB
    10) DJ Lazy K - Lyrical Slaughter ft. Yung Al & Cory Gunz (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Mobucks).mp3 2.4 MB
    11) DJ Lazy K - Married To The Money ft. Murdah Baby (Prod. By Cryptonite).mp3 2.4 MB
    12) DJ Lazy K - Who Can I Run To (Exclusive Version) ft. McGruff & Murdah Baby (Prod. By BakedBeatz).mp3 2.9 MB
    13) DJ Lazy K - Pour Some Liquor ft. Young Simmons (Jo Jo) (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Mobucks).mp3 3.6 MB
    14) DJ Lazy K - Stay High ft. Jamballaz (Prod. By Murdah Baby & Harry Fraud).mp3 4.5 MB
    15) DJ Lazy K - Ghetto Song ft. Frenchie (Prod. By DJ Lazy K).mp3 3 MB
    16) DJ Lazy K - Slow Money ft. Hollywood Fergie (Prod. By DJ Lazy K & Zombeez).mp3 3 MB
    17) DJ Lazy K - CocoLoso ft. Murdah Baby, Frenchie, Hollywood Fergie & Shoota (Prod. By Cheeze).mp3 4.8 MB
    18) DJ Lazy K - Girl Where You At ft. Dante Hawkins & Gritty (Prod. By Murdah Baby).mp3 3.6 MB
    19) DJ Lazy K - Blow Season (Black Bags) ft. Murdah Baby, Big Leto & Mr Piff (Prod. By Lazy K Productions).mp3 3.2 MB
    20) DJ Lazy K - Might Look Good ft. Murdah Baby & Yemen Cheese (Prod. By Cheeze).mp3 2.6 MB
    21) DJ Lazy K - Right On Time ft. Murdah Baby, Bizz, Big Spec & Sempe (Prod. By Lazy K Productions).mp3 4.2 MB
    22) DJ Lazy K - Mami Think She Sexy ft. Murdah Baby (Prod. By Lazy K Productons).mp3 2.5 MB
    23) DJ Lazy K - You The One ft. Murdah Baby (Prod. By DJ Brooklyn Don).mp3 2.3 MB
    24) DJ Lazy K - Clap Clap ft. Murdah Baby, Young Donn & Matt Blaque.mp3 3.3 MB


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