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    Thumbs up Bryan Estepa - Vessels (2011)

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    Genre: Rock
    Label: Laughing Outlaw
    Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 -vbr-new / 44.100Khz
    Size: 89.76 MB
    Release Year: 2011-02-25

    Bryan Estepa hones the art of indie pop with sandy-beach overtones on his 3rd album, an album full of gorgeous melodies and instant classics. The Sydney singer-songwriter has created a joyful bunch of tunes that have a way of sounding comfortingly familiar, those catchy pop hooks will do it, but it is the lyrics that paint a well-known picture of love and happiness. There is no anger on this album, even the angst-y piano that takes a beating adds some flavour to the designs. Bryan seems like a man wholl take anything in his stride, a laidback ranger whos mantra is to just let-it-be, in fact he seems to be channelling the Beatles in Let it Go : Should your luck run out/and the birds have flown south/just let it go/just let it go honey. Vessels might be an album that suggests a drifter searching for his place in the world, but Bryans wise tunes make me think of a man who has his feet planted firmly on the ground.

    Track List:

    01. Won't Let You Down 3:53
    02. Hard Habits 3:40
    03. Tongue Tied 3:58
    04. Purple Patch 4:02
    05. Pull Ourselves Together 4:37
    06. Alone 3:32
    07. Let it Go 5:23
    08. First Impressions 3:51
    09. Shade 3:46
    10. Instincts 2:55
    11. Unglued 5:03
    12. Ball and Chain 3:58





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