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    Default Britney Spears - Mash Fatal (2011) (Update)

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    Pro DJ Quality Update!


    CD 1:

    01. Rolling Till The World Ends (Adele Vs Britney Spears)
    02. Hold The Bad Name Night Clowns Against Me
    03. Inside Down
    04. I Wanna Be Hung Up
    05. How Britney Rolls
    06. Drop Dead Love
    07. Seal It With A Pea****
    08. I Like Big Fat Milk Titties
    09. Beat My Trouble
    10. Love's Gonna Get Your Heart
    11. The Fear of Gasoline
    12. Criminal Testify
    13. Up N' Down In The 90s
    14. He About To Lose My Hand
    15. Young Selfish
    16. Don't Keep Me Falling Down
    17. Scary Close

    CD 2:

    01. Till The Torture Ends
    02. Rolling Inside Out
    03. Drop Dead Pretty Girl YEAH!
    04. Seal It With Pea****
    05. Big Fat Crazy Bass
    06. Criminal In The Shadow
    07. Up N Down 3X
    08. Who's That Selfish Robot
    09. Don't Keep Waiting The Love Dealer
    10. Beautiful Disturbia
    11. Trip to Angelines Heart
    12. Till The Pressure Ends
    13. Britney Vice Et Versa
    14. Hold It Against Material Girls
    15. Gotta Hold It Against You
    16. Gonna Get Over Me
    17. Against The Floor


    * Removed variable bitrate temporary cycles.
    * Fixed kHz Stereo amplitude.
    * Removed Micro-noise.
    * Size of tracks is not altered! Enjoy!



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