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    Default Shocking story of an affair for money on Emotional Atyachaar 4

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    Innocent people blinded by love, are easily exploited for money. Similar is the story of Deepti, a 21 year old girl from Delhi, who recently experienced this first hand. When she first met Imran, now her boyfriend, at a night club she had no inkling about his intentions.

    Imran often acknowledged facing financial problems and took money from her. Being a loving girlfriend, Deepti would almost always oblige. However, Imranís inclination towards not divulging his personal information ticked Deepti off. What made Deepti even more suspicious was Imranís efforts to often escape a confrontation with her. This made her anxious to meet his family.

    Her opportunity came while shopping where when she accidently ran into Imranís pregnant sister Muskaan.

    Meeting Muskaan did not help matters. Imranís behaviour continued to change and Deeptiís doubts persisted. He also started demanding money more often. She decided to self-investigate and discovered that he was using her money at a night club to cheat on her! She also learnt that Imran was having affairs with other girls too at the same time. With a desire to confront him, Deepti managed to reach his house where she found Muskaan and uncovered shocking truths. But talking to Muskaan also drew her further into Imranís web.

    How will Deepti get herself out of this disgusting, cheap net? How will she take revenge and get her money back from Imran?

    The episode will air this weekend on Bindass!!!



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