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    Default Love in the time of technology on Emotional Atyachaar!!

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    Emotional Atyachaar brings you a story of a girl for whom technology turned out to be a boon and a bane.

    It's sad how a person's innocence and blind trust is exploited just for few moments of fun. Such is the story of Linda, who is originally from Delhi and shifted to Mumbai for further studies. Being a blogger and a social bee, she was active on the social networking sites and hence, was very popular.

    Little did she know what was in store for her when she met Girish who was an average looking guy but owned a gaming company and had made it big at a very young age? This is exactly what attracted Linda towards Girish and they soon started dating.

    Linda used to be constantly worried about matching Girish's intellectual level and feared that he would lose interest in her. Other than that, the two of them had a smooth sailing relationship and they would often go out and spend quality time. Linda would always post updates on her and Girish's whereabouts and made it public that he was the best boyfriend ever. Everything was blissful till her accounts were hacked and being addicted to social networking, she became restless. When Linda turned to Girish for help, he solved her problem by asking his colleague, Sahiba to help her recover all her accounts. In spite of being relieved, she couldn't help but feel insecure about Sahiba and Girish's chemistry.

    Linda's suspicions grew stronger when she received a message from a girl named Natasha who informed her that Girish was cheating on her. When Linda tried contacting her, she noticed that her accounts were once again hacked. After a number of incidents that pointed at Sahiba, when Linda finally decided to confront her, she discovered that she was utterly mistaken about Girish. She realized that Girish was not the best boyfriend as she once believed but instead his true colors left her completely shattered. What she found out about Girish was even worse than what thought at first.

    What did Linda find out about Girish that left her heartbroken? Does she take her revenge?
    To find out what really happened, tune into Emotional Atyachaar 4', this Saturday, Septembe
    r 7, at 7pm only on bindass!



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