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    Default Emotional Atyachaar's next episode to reveal the truth behind casting couch

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    Sometimes in life when people take advantage of situations and fulfil their own personal needs without realizing the impact it leaves on the other personís life. Something similar happened with Agrim, a 21 year old who shifted to Mumbai with big dreams of establishing himself as an actor. Little did he know that his struggle period would land him in a situation of casting couch that existed in the industry. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming episode of Bindassí Emotional Atyachaar season 4.

    While struggling to make his mark in the industry, he met Ana. She was an independent professional girl who belonged to the advertising industry. Owning to her position in the organization, she hired Angrim in the agency. Gradually as days passed by their proximity increased. Soon from office acquaintance they entered into a confidential relationship. Ana being a lot more practical and professional never got involved with feelings in their relationship but on the other hand as days passed by, Angrim became protective and emotional towards the relation. Without realizing the consequences he moved into Anaís house, where he discovered the blatant truth about her dominant nature.

    Having not dealt with such situation in life, Angrim in his innocence bore the brunt of the relationship but soon his eyes opened and he saw that Ana was not only dominating in nature but she used many boys to fulfil her needs. Being at a respectable position in the society, she often misused her status and exploited many young boys. One evening, having crossed all her limits, Angrim decided to expose her in front of the society, with the help her assistant Sonam, he planted a sting operation against her and revealed the truth of casting couch run by her.

    How did Angrim find out the truth about Ana, what happened at the party? How did he expose Ana in the society?

    The episode will air tomorrow 15 March (2014) at 7pm on Bindass.



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