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    Default Emotional Atyachaar narrates a story of a girl who falls prey to a deceitful friend

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    Sometimes people come across dubious characters in life who sabotage their most loved relationships. Something similar happened with Sanya, who met Freddy for the first time at a house party. As the night passed, Freddy got extremely impressed by Sanya’s dancing skills. He immediately offered her to join his dancing academy, to which she readily agreed. Within next few weeks, Sanya became the star performer of the troop. Along with Freddy, his business partner Vivaan too grew fond of Sanya and soon he also became very good friends with her.

    As days passed by, Sanya and Freddy’s friendship grew stronger and soon they started dating each other. Everything was fine until one day when she sprained her leg and she had to take a break from dancing. With a new show round the corner, she insisted Freddy to audition other girls and they soon found Tina. She was an incredible dancer and made a strong position in the academy which troubled Sanya. With Tina’s growing closeness to Freddy, Sanya’s insecurity grew. It further aggravated her, when she lost her contract to Tina for a show in Singapore. But, due to lack of proof, Sanya could not confront Freddy or Tina, but kept sharing her agony with her close friend Vivaan.

    As the troop left for Singapore, Sanya’s grief increased. Having troubled thoughts, she asked Vivaan to spy on Tina and Freddy. Every day, Vivaan sent Sanya updates about their whereabouts. One day, Sanya was completely shattered to receive intimate pictures of Freddy and Tina. On the troop’s return, she furiously broke her silence and accused Freddy of cheating on her. Without listening to his side of the story, Sanya broke up with him. But, as reality is not always what we see, when Sanya met Tina at a party after few months, she was shocked to hear the actual story.

    Was Freddy was cheating on Sanya? What happened in Singapore? What was the reality about Tina and Freddy?

    Watch the episode of Emotional Atyachaar this Saturday 19 April at 7pm only on Bindass.



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