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    Default Confession and confrontation in Bindass' Emotional Atyaachar

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    Would you ever forgive your partner and take them back if they confessed their mistake? It takes courage to admit oneís mistake and for the very first time on Bindassí Emotional Atyachaar Season 4, a guy confesses his mistakes in front of the world in an attempt to get the love of his life back. The Emotional Atyachaar team helps Rajveer find his girl, so that he can say what he could never tell her.

    Rajveer a.a Sachin from Delhi and Harsharan aka Manvi from Punjab have been family friends. While Rajveer and Manvi had been dating for long, it was the first time that their families had met over dinner and thatís when Rajveer met Manviís bhabhi Ė Aditi. Both the families did not know about their affair until they were caught by Aditi, at Manviís place. Things were difficult for both Rajveer and Manvi after this incident. She was grounded and completely cut off from Rajveer and he was upset, as he couldn't meet her often.

    Things worsened when Rajveer had to meet Aditi, Manviís bhabhi, to sort out his relationship. Instead the meeting turned his fate around for the worse, as Aditi made advances towards Rajveer and started blackmailing him. Her advances were persistent and Rajveer was uncomfortable, he was in a fix because Aditi was adamant on getting physical and Rajveer wasnít interested. He was scared that Manvi would come to know about it and would never believe him. Aditiís malicious plans made things very difficult for Rajveer, when he conspired to take his revenge. This caused Manvi and her family to move out of Delhi. Manvi and Rajveer have not spoken ever since, as there was no way to contact her.

    When Rajveer approached Emotional Atyachaar with his story, the Emotional Atyachaar team investigated his story and decided to re-unite Rajveer and Manvi. For the first time in this season, watch Rajveer confront Manvi on national television. So is this a closure for him? Will Manvi take him back?

    To find out the the show this Saturday, 16 March 2013, at 7pm.



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