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    Default Raghav and Soniya to celebrate 'first week anniversary' with élan in Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi

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    Sony PAL’s Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi, produced by Shashi-Sumeet Productions has recently witnessed the wedding of Raghav (Rahul Sharma) and Soniya (Preeti Chaudhary). Now, it is time for the newly-weds to enjoy a phase of joy and romance!!

    Well, fans of this lovely couple can look forward to one such moment when Raghav and Soniya will celebrate their first week anniversary!!

    Aah, how cute!!

    Raghav, the typical romantic we hear, will leave no stone unturned in setting up a perfect ambience for love-making!!

    A source states that Raghav will illuminate the room with brightly lit candles and will also give Soniya a special gift. To Soniya’s astonishment, it will be a western attire, something Soniya would have never worn in her life. An embarrassed Soniya will hesitate to wear it, and will feel very shy. However, she will finally wear the attire and make the moment very special for Raghav.

    Also, Soniya’s sisters will also join in and will be pleasantly shocked to see the new avatar of their sister.

    Meanwhile, Ratna (Anjali Mukhi) will give the consent for Soniya resuming her job. Her sole motive behind this will be to see to it that Soniya does not give ample time to her married life and husband. Thus, she will want to create differences between Raghav and Soniya.

    When contacted, Preeti told us, “Well, I have heard of such a lovey-dovey moment between Raghav and Soniya. But I have no details as such as we have not shot for this sequence yet.”

    We hear that this romantic sequence will be shot tomorrow (26 November).



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