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    Default Its nice to do a different character from what I have played earlier: Rahul Sharma

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    Popular actor Rahul Sharma talks about his character and much more in this conversation with us…

    Dashing actor Rahul Sharma who is currently seen as Raghav in Shashi Sumeet Mittal's recently launched show Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi on Sony Pal feels happy with the the way his character is shaping up in the show. Rahul, who was last seen as Akash in Star Plus' Ek Ghar Banaunga is enjoying playing the character of Raghav who is very different from Akash.

    We spoke to Rahul to know more about his experience playing Raghav, working with his co-star Preeti and much more in this conversation with us...

    Talking about his experience of playing Raghav so far, Rahul told us, "The experience has been very good so far. Our director Maan Singh is working very well on every character. The tracks related to so many sisters can be irritating at times with too much of talks and dialogues but here it is not the case. The story has been written very well with dialogues.

    We quizzed Rahul about his character and we also asked him about the difference between Raghav and the character of Akash which he played earlier. He said, "My character is very different from Akash. People who are watching the show do not know me as Akash, they know me as Raghav only. The difference between Raghav and Akash varies according to the character as Raghav is subtle whereas Akash wasn't, Akash wasn't a city guy but Raghav is, Akash was responsible but Raghav is not; he is chilled out about everything. It's nice to do a different character from what I did earlier. I would like to thank my director and the creative team for this character. I can relate to this character. If I will become subtle then I would do the same as what Raghav does."

    Rahul is getting a good response from his close ones as well as from the viewers for his character and the chemistry he is sharing with Preeti. Talking about the same he added, "I am getting a very good response. People are saying this is the next step of my career. People are liking the chemistry as well. The emotions are real and people are saying good things about it."

    So, how is he finding working with Preeti Chaudhary? Rahul answered, "She is a nice co-star to work with. She is a grounded and sweet person. I am loving working with her as her co-star."

    We wondered if there is anything which interests Rahul other than acting. When we questioned Rahul for the same, he shared, "I am not getting enough time out of my shooting schedule for anything. I would like to travel to Ladakh with my family and enjoy doing some photography there."

    Great going Rahul!



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