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    Default It is very important to invest your money: Preeti Chaudhary

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    The gorgeous and talented Preeti Chaudhary currently portraying the role of Sonia in Sony Palís Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi got in conversation with us and gave some investments tips for our Lifestyle section.

    How important is money to you?

    Money is very important but it is not everything.

    Are you an impulsive buyer?

    Yes, but sometimes.

    What are the investments that you have made?

    I am very bad at investments.

    What has been your most expensive purchase?

    A watch and handbag that I got recently.

    Do you feel financially secure?


    Who handles your expenses?

    I handle it completely.

    What was your first salary?

    My first salary was Rs 4500.

    How much money do you carry every day?

    I carry enough money. Actually I love to keep cash in my wallet as it makes me feel rich (laughs)

    Your advice to new investors?

    I am personally very bad at investments but I would like to advice all that it is very important to invest your money.



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