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    Cool WARIS (1969) - UNTOUCHED DVD9 - M2Tv

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    Film: WARIS (1969)
    DVD Distributor: ULTRA
    DVD Format: NTSC
    Source : DVD9
    Running Time : 2hrs 37 min
    Screen Format: 4:3
    Audio : 6ch 48.0khz
    Subtitle : ENGLISH

    Due to disagreements in the King's household, his wife and son decide to move away from his kingdom. Years later, the King passes away and the palace decides to locate the Prince, so that he can claim his rightful place on the throne. They locate three young men, all claiming to be the prince. The Palace officials put them to the test, and one by one, all of them pass various tests imposed on them, leaving the officials in a quandary, as to who the real prince is between these three young men.




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