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    Cool Muqaddar ka Sikandar 1978 M/CCE NTSC DRs

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    Muqaddar ka Sikandar • 1978 • M/CCE • NTSC • DRs

    Movie Information

    Director...Prakash Mehra
    Cast...Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Vinod Khanna
    Genre...Drama | Romance
    DVD Distributor...DEi / EROS
    Source of DVD9...iMN / DRs
    Running Time...~ 3 hour 02 minutes 08 sex

    Technical Information

    Size...4,37 GiB

    Video Codec...MPEG-2
    Video Bitrate...3087
    Video Presentation...16:9 Anamorphic
    Video Framing...720 x 480
    Video Framerate...29,970

    Audio Codec...AC3
    Audio Bitrate...256 Kbps, 48KHz
    Audio Channels...5,1
    Audio Streams...1
    Audio Languages...Hindi

    Subtitle Included...Yes
    Subtitle Languages...English
    Subtitle Streams....1
    Subtitle Container....VOB



    Extensive work done...

    1 - DEi disc (as usual) never has subtitles for the songs in the movies they author.
    Therefore, used my EROS disc & filled in subtitles for all of the songs from my dvd.
    Many of these subtitles were translated incorrectly throughout, and I fixed what I
    could...The subtitles here are "good enough" here.

    2 - Much colour correction done. Some standard throughout, some manual for special scenes I wanted to "see better".

    3 - As usual with old DEi prints, tons of spots, tears so I cleaned up the majority of the spots, dust from the entire print.

    4 - Contrary to what people think, DEi authoring is great sometimes, just not ALL the time. This particular DEi disc is not that great. They deinterlaced incorrectly in many places. I did
    not bother with it. Too much pain involved. Blocking is horrible in many places. Finally DEi
    loves to crop top & bottom so you'll never get the "full frame" of the original. Sorry.

    5 - Upconverted the 4:3 Letterbox of the DEi to 16:9 here.

    6 - Fixed the menus, so that it appears before the movie. The DEi disc has a small mistake
    where the movie plays BEFORE the menu pops up (on computers, as I didn't check in an
    SAP). Also the song menus are mapped properly for just that song and comes back to the
    song menu after song is finished. In addition, added a PLAY ALL button.

    7 - Upconverted the 2-channel audio found on the DEi disc to 5.1 channels @
    sounds okay to I used it.

    I didn't get a chance to improve upon my subtitle file like I had wanted. Subs appear in
    the whole movie, including songs...these are the same subs as my DVDRip/XviD release.
    I hope I'll get time to improve upon what is already the best out there for the DVD9
    ReMastered releases.

    DRs rocks!

    Hopefully you like the results...thanks for waiting.

    Code: ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part1.rar.htm ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part2.rar.htm ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part3.rar.htm ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part4.rar.htm ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part5.rar.htm
    Code: ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part1.rar ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part2.rar ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part3.rar ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part4.rar ka Sikandar.1978.MCCE Package.DRs.part5.rar



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