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    Default KARTAVYA (1995) - Untouched - NTSC - DVD9 - M2Tv

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    Gayetri (Aruna Irani) is a heiress and is the step-sister of the scheming and evil Ugranarayan Singh (Amrish Puri). When Gayetri announces that she wishes to marry Suraj Singh (Raj Kiran), Ugranarayan arranges his death, so that the family cannot have a heir to the estate. Ugranarayan with the help of corrupt police inspector Tribhuvan (Gulshan Grover), frames Gayetri for the murder of Suraj Singh and soon has her sentened to death. Gayetri, while in prison, is pregnant. Sharda Verma (Moushumi Chatterjee), a lawyer comes to the legal rescue of Gayetri, and pleads successfully against the death sentence. Ugranarayan is enraged at this, and hires a butcher, Ghulam Rasul (Om Puri) to kill the child, which he says he did. When confronted with the news of her son's death, Gayetri loses control and with the help of a corrupt doctor, Ugranarayan has Gayetri committed to a mental hospital, where the doctor, Dr. Neelkanth (Alok Nath) inflicts shock treatment and other tortures on the brain of Gayetri, thus rendering her a virtual vegetable. Several years pass by, and then one day Gayetri escapes from her tormentors. Then begin the sudden deaths of Ugranarayan, his family, and his goons. The police suspect Gayetri, but all the killings are done by someone who is a lot stronger than Gayetri.




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