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    Thumbs up Jeevan Mrityu (1970) Untouched DVD9 - AMP

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    Movie :Jeevan Mrityu
    Year : 1970
    Format : DVD-9
    Menu : Yes
    Subtitles : Yes

    Cast : Dharmendra, Rakhee Gulzar, Ajit, Bipin Gupta, Leela Chitnis & Rajendra Nath

    Synopsis : Ashok Tandon (Dharmendra) is a bank manager, and is in love with Deepa (Raakhee), and both are to be married soon. However, Ashok is arrested for theft from the bank. He asks Deepa to look after his mom (Leela Chitnis), which she agrees to do so. He is sentenced to prison for several years. After his release he finds out that his mother has passed away; Deepa is married and has re-located; and he was framed by his colleagues at the bank. Devastated but still honest, he is befriended by Raja Ranbir Singh, who gives him a job, as well a new identity. Ashok now becomes Bikram Singh, and he must seek out Deepa, and his shrewd and calculating colleagues at the bank to extract vengeance. "Jhil mil sitaron ka aangan hoga, rim jhim barasta sawan hoga....", is still popular




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