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    Thumbs up Afsana Pyar Ka 1991 Untouched DVD9 [M2Tv]

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    Mahendra Behl leaves his wife & son to marry a rich girl who is dying from cancer. After she dies he decides
     to takes his family back. His wife refuses, but lets him keep their infant son Raj. Mahendra tells his son that
    his mother died when he was born. Raj grows up & goes to college. He falls madly in love with a girl named
    Nikita, & wants to marry her. Nikita's uncle was a good friend of Raj's mother, but he doesn't know that. The
    college gets a new principal Mrs. Behl. Raj has no idea that she is his mother, & she has no idea that he is
    her son. Nikita's uncle finds out who Raj's father is, & forbids Nikita from seeing Raj ever again. If you want to
     know what happens next, watch the movie.

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