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    Smile Hawas (2004) - 500MB - DVDRip - x264 - MP4

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    Casts: Shawar Ali, Tarun Arora, Meghna Naidu, Noora, Mukesh Tiwari
    Director: Karan Razdan
    Genre: Drama, Romance
    Release Date: 26 March 2004 (India)


    Indian Nationals, Raj Mittal and his beautiful wife, Sapna, reside in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where Raj works for a British firm. Raj plans to accumulate enough money so that he and Sapna can re-locate to the United States, buy their own property and live the good life. In order to make money, he works day and night, leaving Sapna alone, without any company. Sapna usually ends up going shopping on her own or having coffee with some girlfriends (Rita & Ramona). One day Sapna meets with an accident, a kindly passerby, Ajay Rastogi, offers help, even lends her a book. Attracted by Ajay, Sapna meets him again, and soon finds herself getting intimate with him. When Raj hints that he knows something is going on behind his back, Sapna immediately calls off the affair. Raj gets suspicious so much so that he hires a private detective to trail Sapna. Then both Raj's and Sapna's lives are turned upside down when the police find Ajay's dead body...

    Rip Info:

    * Codec: x264
    * Video bps: 550 Kbps
    * Resolution: 640x368
    * Fps: 29.97fps
    * Audio: AAC 24000Hz stereo 70Kbps
    * Size: 500 MB
    * Subtitle: English
    * Runtime: 2h 4m




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