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    Default The Camp (2011) - 300 mb - DVDRip - x264 - 420p - MKV

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    The Camp (2011) - 300 mb - DVDRip - x264 - 420p - MKV


    Movie Information:
    Sonali Kulkarni
    Rakesh Bedi
    Sanjay Mishra
    Krishna Bhatt
    Pradhan Devri
    Shreyash Paranjpe

    Nitin Mahadar

    The film is an experience of a group of kids along with their camp instructor at a site, far away from the city. The film begins with these kids and the instructor going camp hopping and playing around, having fun when they get an unfortunate surprise. The film is a collection of events experienced by the kids and the instructor along with two goons who are trying to kidnap a child from the group. The goons are shown as dangerous but silly. After a few attempts, they finally succeed in kidnapping the child which results in an attempt to rescue the kid. Somehow the goon comedy reminds us of the goon duo in the famous series ‘Home Alone’. The film starts with a good story line with the instructors teaching the kids rock climbing, trekking, tying knots etc. The activities of the goons succeed in tickling our funny bones. But slowly the story becomes monotonous and predictable. Some of the scenes in the film do not make sense at all and seem to be forced. Sonali, being a camp instructor, was expected to look a little more fitter, but acting comes naturally to her. The kids have also done a fair job. The music of the film is decent but one might just lose track, once out of the theater. However, the peppy song by Shaan proves to be an exception. The background score of the film lacks originality too! All in all it is an average film. A bit of extra knowledge along with a touch of motivation for the kids is the basic idea behind the film. Nothing extra ordinary to look out for, from this one!

    Source: 1CD [email protected] [Thanks]

    Codec: MPEG4 Video (H264)
    Resolution: 592x320
    Frame Rate: 29.97fps
    Data Rate: 366Kbps
    Format: MKV

    Codec: Vorbis Ogg
    Freq. 48000Hz stereo
    Bitrate: 96 Kbps

    Size: 304.14 MiB
    Duration: 01:56:07

    Encoder Used: MeGUI
    Ripped & Uploaded by: dEsI InDiAn

    Ripper Note: Enjoy the Release with No Watermark !!!

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