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    Default Star Pravah launches a new political drama, Durva

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    Star Pravah announced the launch of their political thriller, Durva, featuring well‐known artists like Vinay Apte, Uday Tikekar and Prasad Pandit along with debutants like Suyash Tilak, Hruta Durgule and Harshad Atkari playing important characters in the show.

    Durva is directed by Deepak Nalawde and produced by Nitin and Ninad Vaidya of Dashami Creations.

    Yogesh Manwani, Senior Vice President Marketing ‐ Star Pravah speaking about Durva says, “Star Pravah has been at the forefront of providing entertaining content to its viewers across Maharashtra. Our viewers have appreciated our efforts and helped us stay in the no. 1 spot consistently for over a year. Star Pravah has already established its supremacy across genres like comedy, family drama, crime shows and Durva signals its foray into the political thriller genre. Durva, scheduled to go on‐air from 18 March at 10.30 pm, will be telecast every night from Monday to Saturday.”

    Shrabani Deodhar, Creative Director ‐ Star Pravah, speaking about Durva says, “Durva is a political drama inspired from the reality of the political aspect with lot of drama and entertainment. We are trying to expand content with this political thriller and this show will give our audience a variety of genres that will help retain their interest in our shows.”

    Durva, on one hand, showcases how people, even loved ones, are used as pawns in power games, sacrificed for power and position depicting the conflict between a reluctant pawn and power hungry king‐makers.

    Durva is also a story about an innocent girl who, for political gains is married into a conservative and power hungry family. Story takes turns when Durva becomes a pawn for gaining political leverage for everyone in that family.

    What will happen to Durva? Will she remain a pawn? Will people be able to take advantage of her situation to fulfill their ambitions? Or will Durva step up to the challenge and try to be game changer herself?

    The show airs from 18 March (2013), Monday to Saturday at 10.30pm.



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