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    Khatron Ke Khiladi - Tournament (Episode5)

    [Bidz] [vs] [Zil]

    [DOWN]Solution: chal lets do this
    hes up

    Bhavik: awesome

    Solution: ZIL VS BIDZ


    Solution: :dance5:

    Bhavik: let's go

    Bidz: so not liking this

    Solution: i will help

    Bidz: oki

    Zil: whts goin on here

    Solution: kkK
    u vs bidz

    Zil: lol

    Solution: doshi vs not doshi

    Zil: hehe nice try

    Bidz: lol

    Zil: i m ready chalo

    Bhavik: any question on rules

    Solution: im ready too

    Bidz: nope

    Zil: wht r rules btw
    i dont know kkk

    Bidz: try to make the other person win

    Zil: k got it



    Zil: [dont worry u will b the winner]
    [i suck in gk]

    Bhavik: 5 questions from 5 diff. categories

    Bidz: kk great

    Zil: i hope my network dont ditch me

    Bhavik: let's do this quick den

    Zil: otherwise i will kick my router so hard

    Bidz: lets begin

    Solution: unch:

    Bhavik: ok here u go
    first question

    Zil: aasan se pooch na

    Light year is related to

    1. Energy
    2. Speed
    3. Distance
    4. Intensity

    Bidz: 2

    Bhavik: wrong
    zil got 20 seconds

    Zil: 1

    Bidz: wat a start

    Bhavik: wrong
    it's 3

    Zil: pehla question he zordar
    good work bhavik

    Bhavik: picked random one

    Bidz: bhavik got it

    Zil: k next

    Solution: i didnt get it either

    Zil: yeh zande wala

    Solution: i was thinking No 1 light energy

    Zil: can v use google?

    Solution: solar light

    Bhavik: 2nd question
    Which country suffered the maximum in World War II?

    1. France
    2. Germany
    3. Japan
    4. England

    Bidz: 2

    Bhavik: wrong
    20 seconds der

    Bidz: great :rolleyes:

    Zil: 3

    Bhavik: ya he gets it

    Zil: hehe

    Bhavik: it's japan

    Bidz: great work zil

    Zil: pearl harbour baby
    lol ty

    Bidz: next

    Solution: hiroshima

    1 - 0 after 2 questions
    now math

    Zil: damn
    i m gone


    Bhavik: 3rd question
    Which line joins the centre to any point on a circle's circumference?

    1. Diameter
    2. Radius
    3. Tangent
    4. Vector

    Bidz: 2

    Zil: wow

    Bhavik: she gets it

    Zil: hmm

    Solution takes break and goes to eat an ice-cream .

    Bidz: oh god finally

    Zil: nice
    where did solu go

    Zil: mayb his network
    wait up for him

    Bhavik: chalo chalo 2 mins wait

    Bhavik: arite let's continue

    Bhavik: 4th question
    In which film did Aishwarya Rai pretended to play twins?

    1) Josh
    2) Jeans
    3) Dhoom2
    4) Devdas

    Bidz: 2

    Zil: damn

    Bhavik: bidz gets it

    Bidz: YEAAAA


    Bhavik: n u say u dont watch movies

    Bidz: lol


    Bidz: i was like i didnt see that in the other thre lol

    Zil: it was aish wht did u except

    Bidz: so it must be that
    even tho i never watched jeans

    Zil: she is aish fan
    k last one

    Bidz: kk lets go
    last one

    Bhavik: arite trigonometry

    Zil: not again

    Bhavik: if bidz gets she wins if zil gets then tie breaker
    5th n last question
    In trigonometry, what is calculated as "Opposite Over Hypotenuse"?

    1. The cosine of an angle
    2. The secant of an angle
    3. The sine of an angle
    4. The tangent of an angle

    Zil: dhak dhak

    Bidz: sineee

    Bhavik: she gets it

    Zil: gaya me

    Bhavik: lol


    Bhavik: soh cah toa i think

    Bidz: calculus
    came in handy


    Bidz: yea

    Zil: congrats

    Bidz: great gamee

    Bhavik: thanks for joinin both

    Bidz: thanks for having us

    Bhavik: good luck to bidz in next round

    Bidz: too bad sheraz had disarreea
    and had to leave
    for the washroom break

    Bhavik: lol

    Bidz: thankss

    Zil: solu went to check the girl from his window

    Bhavik: he will b der in next game


    Zil: thanx dude great game

    Bidz: yup great gamess

    Bhavik: thanks for joinin
    catch ya all later

    Zil: congrats once again

    Bidz: thankss

    Zil: bye

    Bidz: nite

    [Bidz] [vs] [Zil]

    Final Score
    :: 3-1

    Tie-Bracker Round
    :: ---


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    go bidz

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    hhehe thanks soluuu

    thanks for posting bhavra

    woot cant wait to loose the next game

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє

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    congo bidzi

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    congratzz bidzyy


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    Congrats Bidzzzz

    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    congratz zaini baini
    i can loose too zaini lol

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    congratss bid

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    lol thanks thanks guys

    αм ι тнє σηє αη∂ σηℓу?
    υz уσυ'яє тнє σηℓу σηє
    ιт єℓт ѕσ ℓσηg αη∂ ℓσηℓєу
    ωαιтιηg σя
    уσυ тσ σмє



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