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    Default I want my wife to cook food as I am a foodie: Shashank Vyas

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    Shashank Vyas shares his personal life with us

    Shashank Vyas who is seen in Balika Vadhu as Jagya romancing three ladies at one time. We asked him about the real lady in his life and this is what he had to say.

    Shares Shashank, "Talking about my current track I feel it's the best track on Indian television that is going on. The understanding, love and respect between Ganga (Sriti Jha) and Jagya is amazing. The relationship is very pure and serene. Its not love or lust and this is what audience is liking. Earlier they also liked my stint with Anandi (Toral Rasputra). It was a child marriage and it was not a love marriage and so it had to happen that Anandi and Jagya were supposed to get individual partners."

    Talking in depth about his character Shashank says, "I would like to say that my character has been love and accepted by all. Earlier I was with Anandi and now its Saanchi (Roopal Durgapal). Its not that Jagya is loving all he has to behave differently with each of them and his relationshio with every single girl is different."

    When we asked him about how is he in real life he says, "I am more of a balanced guy as well as matured. I am not confused in life, I am more of the current Jagya that I am essaying in real life too, while the old Jagya was more of carefree and loud and I am not that way. I am little reserved and also very confirmed in whatever decisions I take.I am very happy with my role as Jagya. I remember how my mother used to watch Balika Vadhu when I was young and I used to not even watch a single episode and here I am acting in Balika.."

    About his marriage plans he says, "After my mother's death me and my father have lived and managed so for us it's more like we should have a female person in the family for which he tells me to get married. However, I am in no hurry to marry and I have left the decision of marriage to my father."

    And what kind of girl would he like as a wife? "WEll, if you ask me what kind of a girl I am looking out for I would say she should be understanding. loving and most importantly she should know cooking as I am a big time foodie! I would want my wife to cook delicious food for me."

    Here's hoping Shashank you get a master-chief soon in your life!



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