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    Default High Voltage action with wild animals on Big RTL Thrill

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    Fear Factor attempts the unthinkable with Fear Factor Wild Encounter!

    Jo Darr Gaya, Vo Ghar Gaya, that's what the motto of the show Fear Factor is. It is time for some never seen before action. The show takes the game to the highest level of physical and mental challenge, making it more gritty and edgy than ever before. This week Fear Factor will rise to a new level of 'Wild' and will shake the very sense of the contestants' being as they encounter the fury of wild animals. 'Fear Factor Wild Encounter' is about to show its true colors.

    The 'BIG' daddy of all the reality shows, Fear Factor is all about facing your fears. This time with more daring, more death defying and gritty stunts the show is all set to raise the bar. With emotions running high, contestants will be seen performing jaw dropping stunts on this episode. This week the viewers will witness never-seen-before, breath-taking stunts. The contestants will face some of their worst fears as they will be tossed around during their encounter with a wild dog. Each contestant will be given three chances in which they have to collect three gifts in a container all the while being under attacked by a ferocious wild dog.

    A stunt that seems nearly impossible, will they be able to prove their mettle and their ability to overcome their fear?

    To find out, tune into the biggest reality show, Fear Factor this Friday at 9 pm on BIG RTL THRILL



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