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    Default When viewers meet me, they mimic my punch lines and dialogues - Gopi Bhalla

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    When you see a gentleman in a cop’s uniform, you are generally on your guard. In the world of fiction and especially in a comedy some cops may be different…well, quite different. Take for instance Police Gopinath Gandotra Hawaldar (Gopi Bhalla) in SAB TV’s FIR (Benaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli). He is an indolent cop who people poke fun at. After all he hardly contributes to solving cases.

    Indeed this character has created an endearing and everlasting impression on the minds of the viewers. Gopi Bhalla who executes this role says, “When the viewers meet me they mimic my punch lines and dialogues.”

    He has been a part of the series for seven years now. “My son was in Class 4 when FIR started. He is now in Class 10. The cast and crew have become like family to me.”

    Of course, this iconic serial has increased his bank balance. “I have two cars now. I recently bought a Honda City. I think I will buy another house.”

    Like every other TV serial actor, he too has to put in a lot of hard work. “I shoot for 25 days in a month- 9am to 9pm is the daily shooting schedule. The arduous hours are worth it as I get so much of love when our fans watch our show. I spend five off days in a month which I spend with my family.”

    On the flip side of the coin, the actor has had to miss out on accepting many movies. “I am from the Pattiyala District of Punjab. I have done Punjabli films too. But I had to let go of some movies as well. For instance, Karan Johar offered me a film but I was unable to do so as I did not get the dates.”

    The re-entry of Chandramukhi Chautala (Kavita Kaushik) was visualised in a dream by Gopinath. He was admonished by his colleague to have pre-retirement jitters and to be suffering from aging mental health. In reality it was a prophetic dream and indeed the no nonsense lady cop returned to the show. Gopi chips in, “Kavita is nice lady. I am happy that she has returned to the show.”

    On a parting note he tells us, “All the shows of SAB TV are for family viewing. They have no double meaning dialogues. That is why it is such a popular channel.”



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