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    Default TutsPlus-Kirk Nelson -Digital Figure Drawing-Beyond the Basics(WEB-Rip)

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    TutsPlus-Kirk Nelson -Digital Figure Drawing-Beyond the Basics(WEB-Rip)
    English | 1.463 GiB | MP4 | x264 - 128 kbps | 1280x720 | AAC - 44 KHz
    Download ID: TNBU00790
    Genre: Photoshop, E-Learning
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    Drawing digital figures takes skill and technique, but once you have gotten down the basics, where do you go from there Right here, where Kirk Nelson shows you all you need to know.

    Getting Started 20m 28s
    - Introduction 5m 2s
    - Tools, and Resources 4m 16s
    - Where Were We 11m 10s

    Different Views 53m 52s
    - Profile View 11m 50s
    - Back View 12m 2s
    - Three Quarter View 9m 46s
    - Alternative Views 11m 30s
    - Foreshortening 8m 44s

    Body Language 36m 40s
    - Body at Rest 9m 28s
    - Action! 10m 38s
    - Carrying Weight 7m 2s
    - Expressing 9m 32s

    Filling the Gaps 28m 36s
    - Filling the Gaps 11m 54s
    - Children Proportions 8m 48s
    - Elderly Proportions 7m 54s

    Finishing Up 13m 52s
    - Finishing Up 10m 4s
    - Conclusion

    More infomation:

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