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    Default 'I try my utmost to give her (my wife) all the happiness in the whole wide world' - KK Goswami

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    Televisionís adorable tiny man KK Goswami who plays the domestic helper KK on SAB TVís Gutur Gu (Fireworks Productions) puts his heart and soul into the show. Performing in a silent comedy is no piece of cake. In fact it is a great challenge to act in one.

    KK explains, ďOur comedy unlike some other silent shows has no written placards to guide the viewers in between the scenes. This isnít a serial for the hearing impaired people either with sign language to simplify the message for the viewers. Hence, the responsibility of conveying the story with clarity is quite a mammoth task for us.Ē

    He informs us that unlike a daily comedy show with dialogues which takes just a day to shoot, one episode of Gutur Gu is shot over three days. He elaborates, ďWe shoot a scene and then watch it critically analysing it. We ponder over on how we can improve on it and make it more amusing. At times we improvise to make it better.Ē

    Does the fact that he doesnít have to memorise any dialogues whatsoever make things easier for him in a way? ďNot, at all. Memorising dialogues, according to me isnít cumbersome at all. It is far difficult to enact a silent comedy with ťlan. As we have been working on this show for a year now, it isnít as difficult as it used to be.Ē He also brings to our notice, ďGutur Guís episodes have a proper story which involve a climax and a resolution.Ē

    The actor loves the silent comedies of Charlie Chaplin, the Mr.Bean series and Pushpaka Vimana, the silent black comedy starring Kamal Hassan.

    He adds that he hasnít outgrown the silent Tom and Jerry cartoons though he is an adult now. He has very fond memories of the time when Dayanand Shetty who plays Senior Inspector Daya had come on Gutur Gu to do a Tom and Jerry sequence in which Dayanand was Tom and he (KK) had slipped into the role of Jerry.

    When KK isnít acting he spends quality time with his dear wife and kids. He is a loving husband and caring father. ďI love my wife Pinku dearly. I try my utmost to give her all the happiness in the whole wide world.Ē

    He has two sons who study in Class 6 and Class 1 respectively. In future he wishes to adopt a baby girl. KK loves taking his close-knit family on long drives while tuning into the golden oldies of Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh and Mohammad Rafi. He likes some of the songs of the current generation as well.
    We wish this actor and his family members many happy milestones in their lives.



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