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    Default TAM calls for a change - television viewership data to be released monthly

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    We really wonder whether the TAM deadlock will get a permanent and modified solution that will satisfy both the broadcasting as well as advertising fraternities…

    But as they say, ‘Every change is for the better’!! And TAM as of now comes up with a decision that they will release TV viewership data for major networks on a monthly basis rather than weekly which has been the case so far.

    As we know, few of the major broadcasters have been unhappy with TAM as it has had its own shortcomings. As a result of this, we believe that a mail has been sent today (11 June 2013) by TAM to its clients, which clearly states that it will release viewership date for the channels of various networks on a monthly basis from now on. As per the mail, the television rating agency has specified that the figures will be released in the first week of each month for the period (month) gone by.

    Also, another change that can be expected is that TAM will release the viewership of the channels not as a percentage of the total targeted audience, but in absolute numbers.

    Is this change ‘welcomed’ by the broadcasters and production houses? Well, it is surely a point to be debated and we will come up with the thoughts of the television fraternity on the same.

    As of now, let’s accept it!! No TRPs till the first week of August. As per reports, TAM will again release data on 1 August (2013).



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