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    Default Story of a great bonding - Ankita and Ananya!

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    Ankita Sharma and Ananya Agarwal share a great bonding off screen on the sets of Life Ok’s Amrit Manthan…

    Apart from the on-screen relations, what matters a lot for the actors is their off-screen relations with their co-actors. Rajan Shahi's Amrit Manthan has formed a very good off-screen relation between two actors. We are talking about Ankita Sharma aka Nimrit and Ananya Agarwal aka Bani whose relation has grown far more beyond friendship.

    Our source from the sets informed us, "Ankita and Ananya have become very close friends. They do everything together right from sharing their food to playing pranks on the sets."

    We spoke to Ankita to know more about their friendship story. She said, "Both of us share a very good bonding with each other. She is very sweet and very friendly and this is how our friendship happened. She is so cute and she keeps on saying, "Mumma I love you" to me."

    Talking about the offset masti they do, she told us, "We do a lot of masti together. We stick tails on everybody's back, we call anyone by his/her names and then run away, we say 1,2,3 then shout 'Spot Dada Paani' whenever we need water and if someone scolds Ananya then both of us make a plan as how to trouble that person (laughs). These kinds of masti both of us keep doing on the sets."

    Our source also said, "Ankita and Ananya are big foodies and they can always be seen sharing their lunch together."

    Speaking on the same, she said, "We share out lunch together. Both of us love litchis a lot so both of us like to eat them together. We also like to have Kinder Joy together."

    Sharing about some of the fondest memories with her, Ankita told us, "We teach each other poems and play games together. She has a box of clips of her own and whichever matches the color of my clothes she keeps on giving that to me. She wears my slippers and keeps on roaming here and there. We do a lot of mimicry. Even though we don't share the same make-up room she always stays in my room with me. I am learning to play guitar these days and I give her the lessons too."

    "Bani is very good and an intelligent girl and she catches things quickly. I myself feel like a 5 year old kid when I am with her," concludes Ankita.

    We hope this sweet friendship grows with time!



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