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    Default Stephanie Comments on Vickie's Evaluation, Another NXT Talent to Main Roster, Raw DVR Note

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    - Stephanie McMahon commented on Vickie Guerrero's job evaluation, writing on Twitter, "I'm looking forward to @ExcuseMeWWE job evaluation on #RAW tonight. Remember Vickie, anything can happen. @TripleH @VinceMcMahon @WWE"

    - Zeb Colter commented on tonight's Raw episode, writing on Twitter, "Tonight,@RealJackSwagger @AntonioCesaro will be focused on #mitb. Looking for "several" persons of interest. #wwe"

    - For those who DVR Raw, Comcast is listing Raw as being in two blocks tonight. One running from 8 to 10PM while the second starts at 10 and runs to 11:05PM.

    - According to PWInsider, there is talk of at least one developmental talent that is expected to debut on WWE television shortly (besides the Wyatts).

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    She Or Brad Maddox Will become GM For Sure

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