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    Default I let my work speak for myself: Hasan Zaidi

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    The good looking Hasan Zaidi, who has featured in shows like Hum Ne Li Hai…Shapath, and many more, is making his big shift from TV to films with Vikram Bhatt’s Horror Stories.

    The film that revolves around seven friends will have Hasan playing a brashy-outspoken guy. As he puts in, “The film is very urban and realistic. The makers (Vikram Bhatt and ASA Productions) were confident of making the film scary from the word go. There has been no build up and no useless stretching of the plot.”

    Talking about his experience while shooting the project, Hasan quips, “We were a team of four young boys and three girls and we got together like a house on fire. And when you are shooting at night after long hectic days, the atmosphere is different and crazy. The girls were at the receiving end of our jokes and all of us had a great time for a month we shot.”

    The actor says that he met Ayush Raina, the director of the film four years ago while doing a show for Sahara. Ayush had liked Hasan’s work and contacted him through Facebook to ask him to try for the role and luckily for Hasan, he grabbed it. While shooting in a deserted hotel, the cast was in for a lot of spooky moments. “When you are shooting for a horror film, there are so many things that can scare you. Just going down to your vanity from the shoot floor was a tough task, but overall it was all fun.”

    Hasan will also be seen in Shilpa Shetty-Raj Kundra’s production Dhiskiyaon. Talking about the film, Hasan avers, “The film is about two friends and their journey that leads them to difficult situations. The project, which is on the floors for more than a year now, has Sanjay Dutt playing an important role. The film was pushed a bit with his non-availability, but with Sunny Deol replacing Sanjay, the film is expected to be completed soon.”

    With every actor’s dream of being in Bollywood, starting his career with a multicast film did not stop Hasan, who feels that when you do good work, you will definitely get noticed, like he has been throughout his career. “I started my journey ten years ago with zero experience about the industry. And after having done roles in various shows on TV of various lengths, I have found a stand for myself. That speaks for my work and dedication.”

    When asked about whether he would like to stay in films now or is he ready to try his hands in TV again, the actor quickly responds, “I am open to good work and do not believe in limiting myself to any medium. I would also like to try my hands in hosting or even doing travel shows since I am fond of travelling.”
    Talking about his journey, Hasan reminisces, “I sold my bike to come to Mumbai and the journey has been brilliant. I remember my first audition where I was rejected for not knowing about being in the frame (blushes). I have worked in every department from editing to even taking tapes to office. Having met some wonderful people in the journey, I have learnt a lot. Now, I have grown, not just as a professional, but also as an actor.”

    With Horror Stories garnering eyeballs, Hasan says he is in talks with some other makers too but since nothing has been finalized, he cannot comment. “Definitely, I am getting a lot more opportunities now and am also trying my hands in a couple of plays these days. I take things as it comes and will let my work speak for myself,” he concludes.

    Well said Hasan, and wish you all the best for your future endevours.



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