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    Default Get well soon, Shaleen Malhotra

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    A lazy ‘grasshopper’ has no place in the Indian TV industry. An actor needs to be the busy ‘ant’ from the Aesop’s Fable The Ant and the Grasshopper else he will fade out from the industry fast.

    In fact, actors can’t even afford taking sick leaves and that includes Shaleen Malhotra who plays ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte in Star Plus’ Arjun (4 Lions Films). He had recently updated his status on WhatsApp Messenger thereby informing all on his list that he was unwell.

    We contacted him today (17 June 2013) to find out the details. He replied first via message saying, “Just the extra stress travelling Nd shooting and gym din rest at all and then shot in rains ya now much better…Thanks (sic).”

    Later, on calling him up we got to know that of late when Mumbai was receiving very heavy showers, he had shot for three hours in the rain at a stretch. He said, “Two days ago I had a fever of 103 F and yesterday I had a fever of 101 F. I went to the doctor who gave me medicines which made me feel drowsy. I am feeling better now. And on a normal daily routine,I sleep just for four to five hours in a day and work out in the gym for four to five times a week for about one and a half hours daily.”

    We were happy to know that he is recovering. “I am much better today with just mild fever.”

    We wishes him a speedy recovery.



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