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    Default Shiv and Gauri launch their music album on BIG FM

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    Does RJ Anirudh manage to bring Shiv and Gauri closer? Tune into watch the Maha episode of Jai Maa Vindhyavasini

    While Gauri has lost all her confidence in herself, Shiv, Dadi and Gauri's father Mohan encourage her to give it her best shot. While Gauri is brooding she listens to RJ Anirudh and starts feeling motivated as though his words were meant for her. Shiv, Dadi and Mohan succeed in getting Gauri back to the recording the song. The same night Gauri and Shiv head to Mumbai to launch their music album, with promotions for the same on the show hosted by RJ Anirudh at the 92.7 BIG FM studios.

    Known for his wit and charm, RJ Anirudh, a romantic at heart, senses that there is tension brewing between Shiv and Gauri. While Shiv decides to confess his love to Gauri post the radio interview, Gauri gives him a cold shoulder. Throughout the radio interview, RJ Anirudh acts like a cupid and tries to ease the tension between Shiv and Gauri.

    On the other hand, back in their home town, the wedding invitations have already been printed. Gauri and Vikram's marriage has been fixed and will take place within two days. Gunjan is restless as she is deeply in love with Vikram and can't see him marrying her own sister! Gunjan calls Viram to the nearby temple.

    Post the radio interview, Gauri and Kamla are ready to leave when Shiv asks Gauri to meet him is private. Gauri insists that Shiv speak to her in front of Kamla as there is nothing to hide. Shiv musters courage and confesses his love to Gauri! Kamla is shocked to hear this as Gauri's wedding is due in two days! Gauri is left speechless.



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