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    Default On seeing me, children of my neighbourhood shut windows of their home- Swatantra Bharat

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    It is easy to mistake the Herculean Swatantra Bharat who plays Baldev Singh Boxer Chacha on Life OK’s Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai... Ajab Sa Risk Hai (Siddhant Cinevision Limited) as a heavy weight boxer in real life. Little wonder that he was chosen to play the role the gigantic boxer.

    Though the actor has no previous boxing experience, he was into Budokai Martial Arts. He says, “I had learnt it for two years but had to leave it for health reasons.”

    The actor undertook some boxing lessons to prepare for the role of a boxer. “I could pick up boxing fast. Hailing from Jammu, I didn’t know how to speak the Haryanvi. I had to learn the language for this show.”

    Though this is the actor’s first TV show, he has featured in films like Singh is King, De Dana Dan, Welcome, Rowdy Rathore and Khiladi 786. Currently, he is thoroughly enjoying playing this boxer who has a dual personality. He explains, “Boxer Chacha is a sweet and childlike character when he is at home with his family. When he is outside, he can be very rough and tough especially when disputes need to be settled. His wrath during the time he dipped a person in the well to put him in his place was a good instance. At times ‘fire may come out of his eyes’ and nobody may seem to be at his mercy.”

    Boxer Chacha has a very endearing relationship with his wife Jhumri Devi (Rajashri Deshpande). He loves her dearly but will not speak to her like a romantic poet. “He will never tell his wife that she is looking like an angel. He is straight forward and articulate and will tell her something funny instead.”

    Swatantra is recognised by both adults and kids. “Referring to the show, they ask me where my moustache has gone. I wear a fake one on the series. Children of my neighbourhood shut the windows of their home on seeing me. They were so afraid on seeing me dip a man in the well in reel life that they get terrified on seeing me in real life as well.”

    In real life Swatantra is a gentle ‘giant’ and is very friendly. Our interactions with him have always been very pleasing.



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