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    Default Script a night a wrestling

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    We talk trash about WWE each day, so lets see if we can do a better job. Simple game but make it realistic. You're left alone in the scripting team!
    Pick any show you'd like and chose the matches of a night: TNA/WWE/PPV/whatever. Once done, rate the night made by the person above you.
    Up to you if you want to write the winners of your matches and the number of matches you're scripting. You can fill out the following form if you'd like:

    Rate the show above you from 1-10 (10 being highest): The person who replies next shall rate this one.

    What show are you hosting? WWE RAW after WWE PayBack

    Who kicks the show off? Chris Jericho talks about how he got robbed from victory
    Interferences? Christian's music hits and returns! One more match and his peeps stand behind him until Booker T comes out and sets up the match.

    First match of the night: Wade Barret VS. Mark Henry
    Notes about the match: Henry picks up an impressive win.

    Backstage segments: Paul Heyman w/ Curtis Axel talks with Vickie and gets a match against Daniel Bryan. That's next, live on Monday Night RAW!

    Second match of the match: Curtis Axel VS. Daniel Bryan
    Notes: Curtis wins as Kane's music hits in the middle of the match without his appearence.

    Main Event: Y2J VS. Christian
    Notes: Match goes forth and back but ends in no-contest as The Shield comes out. Match changes to a 2-on-3-handicap match. Christian finds handcuffs underneath the ring and cuffs Seth Rollins to the post and throws the key to the audience. Roman hits a spear on Christian, Y2J comes out and his the neckbreaker on Roman. Ambrose comes in and attacks Y2J but Christian gets up and takes him down with "hit the switch". They punish Rollins and ends up with Roman and Ambrose attacking from behind soon after. Question remains: Is Christian teaming up with Y2J to go against The Shield?

    Final comments: NBA Playoffs was on at the time of the show, so ratings are still at risk.

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    Rate the show above you from 1-10 (10 being highest):

    Just kidding 8/10

    What show are you hosting? WWE RAW after WWE PayBack

    Who kicks the show off? CM Punk saying about how many times he proved that he is the Best In The World after he beaten Y2J at payback.
    Interferences? Steve Austin, both starts look at each other and asks for a match at Summerslam if he is really the best in the world.

    First match of the night: Dolph Ziggler vs Y2J
    Notes about the match: Dolph Ziggler wins after he returned from injury.

    Backstage segments: CM Punk telling Paul Heyman why he accepted Y2J's match w/o asking him.

    Second match of the match: Paige vs Kaitlyn ( Women Title )
    Winner : Paige wins her first women title.
    Notes: AJ interfere to cost Kaitlyn her title.

    Main Event: The Undertaker makes a surprise return and go against Dean Ambrose w/ The Shield
    Winner : The Undertaker manged to win against Ambrose even with the shiled's help

    Notes: After the match ended, Brock Lesnar's music hit and looked at The Undertaker then smiled and left to have a match at Summerslam.

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    8/10 scsa vs punk

    What show are you hosting? WWE RAW after WWE PayBack

    Who kicks the show off? CM Punk with paul heyman a speech 0f punk how he beated there heroes one by one.

    HHH interfair

    paul i want to face ur guy axial
    paul he is not in the town *****
    hhh goes for pedegree punk hit leg on his head and then gts

    First match of the night: wade vs a mask guy
    Notes about the match: in the end player removes his mask and its christain oh ****

    Backstage segments: CM Punk with Paul Heyman that no boday can bully him and then cena enters face off paul control punk and they leave

    Second match of the match: del rio vs dolph (Ladder match for whc)
    Winner : big e gave a big ending to dolph and leave shock
    but zigler able to win with the help of aj
    Notes: face turn for big e

    Backstage segments: Paul Heyman was called by vince and vince announces the main event punk face hhh today in no dq match

    Main Event: punk vs HHH
    Winner : Punk with the help of curtis axial

    Notes: jerry heyman told that axial is not here what the **** man

    show ends with punk screeming BEST IN THE WORLD



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