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    Default The script of a show holds more value than its actors: Sangeeta Ghosh

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    The extremely beautiful Sangeeta Ghosh, who won hearts with her romantic act in Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand, will soon be back on your TV screen as Saachi in Sony Entertainment Television’s upcoming show Kehta Hai Dil… Jee Le Zara (Rose Audio Visuals Pvt Ltd).

    Talking about her return to TV, the pretty actress says, “I am really nervous, but at the same time I am also excited to be back. The show, that is a very fresh take on life, will see me in a very realistic avatar.”

    Delving more on her character, Sangeeta adds, “Saanchi is a 34-year-old unmarried girl living with her dadi and nani and a brother and sister. After the early death of her parents, she takes the responsibility of her family and business. Her daily struggles will be showcased in a lighter vein though. There would be no overtly dramatic sequences.”

    When asked what made her choose this project as her comeback vehicle, she avers, “It is not like this is my comeback project; I was here already. And the channel, the production house, the team and most importantly the script made me jump and grab the offer. This character is so true-to-life and interesting that I would have felt bad had I been seeing someone else doing this role.”

    Sangeeta also talks about the daily struggles a woman faces. “A woman has to take care of not just her family, but also people around her. Every day you will get to see hundreds of women, while returning from work, cutting vegetables in the train so that they can rush home and cook. Saanchi is someone very similar to today’s modern girl who can handle work and family together very well.”

    The show also marks the entry of Bollywood actor Ruslaan Mumtaaz who plays a young lawyer opposite Sangeeta. Since she is already a known face on TV, wasn’t she apprehensive of having a newcomer paired opposite her? “No not at all. I am not those kinds of insecure actors who would feel the need of knowing who is there on the show. I leave all this decision to the makers who know their work the best,” she observes.

    When we quizzed her on missing out the love chemistry with her co-star in her last show that made her a popular name, she informs, “There will definitely be romance; I hope there is (giggles). But yes, there won’t be any college type of love but rather a lovely relation building between two very different individuals.”

    Sangeeta also says that these days it is the character that becomes more important than actors and that is why there is a mixed variety of new crop of actors along with veterans. “The audience today likes characters they can relate to and for them the actor becomes the character they are playing. So definitely the script holds much value than actors.”

    So what was Sangeeta doing all these years, we asked her. “I was chilling; fell in love, got married and am leading a happy life. But now when I am back on TV, I couldn’t have been happier (smiles),” the actor replies.

    And what has been the response of the promos? “Well it has been really good. The first thing that people say is that the show looks quite fresh. I would like all my fans to give me their love once again and watch my show. It will surely touch a chord with them,” she maintains.

    Well Sangeeta, we also wish you a great comeback!!!



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